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Dolphin and Whale watching in Gran Canaria + swim

Enjoy a dolphin trip on our catamaran to watch more than 30 species of Sea mammals, including dolphins and whales, native to Gran Canaria.

Appreciate the different species of dolphins and whales, only a few miles offshore in Gran Canaria´s waters.
Dolphin and whale sightseeing in Gran Canaria

Watch the dolphins in their natural surroundings, jumping, hunting or just playing in the water trail of the Catamaran. You can observe these sea mammals from all angles and through the glass bottom of our boat.
dolphin boat trip in Las Palmas
During the trip, our staff on board is happy to inform you about the different species of cetaceans you will see and their characteristics.
Dolphin trip with children in Gran Canaria
The team of the boat has put special emphasis on the security, comfort and environmentally-friendly construction and its objective: the observation of sea mammals. Both hulls of the catamaran are glass galleries from where you can fulfill your dream of seeing many whales and dolphins in their natural habitat.

The boat also has an underwater camera and underwater hydrophones to hear the dolphins and whales as they communicate, and other technological devices that enable the location of cetaceans.
swim with dolphins in Gran Canaria
cetacean sighting in Gran Canaria

We will offer you a special guarantee. In case you do not see any dolphins or other sea mammals during the excursion, they will issue you a voucher for this tour which you may repeat at any time.

Recommendations to enjoy the trip:

– Bring sunscreen, also for lips (sea breeze and sun), comfortable clothes and shoes, sunhat and sun glasees.

– Take medication against sea sickness (if applicable).


Check this other dolphin tour if you do not find places on this boat for the next few days.


Our clients' latest comments

Laura S.May 2023

Good although the ship moved a bit. The boat trip was spectacular and we saw a huge pod of dolphins. Fortunately, okgrancanaria warned us to prepare for dizziness because some customers had a pretty bad time.

Kristjan D.May 2023

I loved it. Totally recommend the Spirit of the Sea trip

Brian P.May 2023

Unforgettable and very exciting.

Cristina A.May 2023

A great plan to go with the children. I went with my three children and even I enjoyed watching the dolphins swim with the boat. Bathing in the sea was the tour's icing on the cake.

Lisa B.May 2023

A beautiful day. They picked us up at the hotel and took us to Puerto Rico. There we went on the Spirit of the Sea and loved the tour. We spotted a whale, then a turtle and finally a bunch of dolphins. Spectacular.

Peter P.May 2023

It was wonderful, a unique experience, it's amazing to see the dolphins in front of us, I really enjoyed it, it's very nice to see them in freedom, I got seasick on the way back, but it was worth it to see the dolphins. I recommend it if you like nature and animals in nature, it was very exciting.

Paula G.April 2023

Spectacular but unpleasant. Although the tour is very nice and you can see dolphins, it was very unpleasant to see people vomit throughout the trip.

Erik D.April 2023

Impressive if you take measures not to get seasick. I went with a group of 12 friends and those of us who didn't get dizzy loved it but the 3 who did vomit and had a terrible time until we returned to port.

Ian F.April 2023

Amazing. I went with a group of colleagues and we saw a ton of dolphins jumping near the boat and then swimming in the sea was the best.

Andrea M.April 2023

You can't ask for more. Everything was incredible, from the pick up at the hotel, the boat trip and being able to bathe in the sea. Highly recommended.

Sally F.April 2023

The second time was the charm. The first day we went out we didn't see any dolphins but we were able to repeat the outing for free and were lucky to see some dolphins on the second outing.

Richard C.April 2023

It's totally worth it, a recommended experience. At first we thought we weren't going to see anything, you have to be patient. But in the end we saw several dolphins and a rather large turtle on the way back.

Olga N.April 2023

MARVELOUS!! An incredible experience! We went with our children and they really enjoyed it. Highly recommended and to be repeated.

Daniel S.March 2023

Awesome. After seeing several types of dolphins so close to the boat, they took us to a place where we bathed. Although the water was cold, you had to jump into the sea to at least post this comment, haha

Ann G.March 2023

Disappointing. We did the tour on the last day of our holidays on the island and didn't see any dolphins. They gave us a ticket to go another day but it was of no use to us.

Karl F.March 2023

100x100 recommended. You can't miss it.

Samantha P.March 2023

Very good. The staff is very nice. The bad thing is we weren't prepared for the dizziness and my husband and my daughters had a really bad time. But the staff were very helpful and tried to make them feel better.

Kristin A.March 2023

A perfect birthday with dolphins. Thank you so much for this unforgettable experience.

Tomm M.March 2023

Fantastic and we saw lots of dolphins.

Urszula B.March 2023

It was great seeing lots of dolphins jumping next to the boat. Getting seasick ruined it a bit. As we headed out to sea it was cold, they gave us some blankets and everything. Not when we came back. The crew was great. Everything was perfect with okgrancanaria.

Magdalena H.February 2023

Don't even consider think it if you get seasick. The boat trip is very good but only if you don't get dizzy, for me it felt eternal until we returned.

Katarina N.February 2023

An experience to share with my children.

Rob V.February 2023

Fantastic. It was incredible to see the Spirit of the Sea surrounded by dolphins jumping in a group so close to us.

Andrew W.February 2023

Awesome. We saw a whale and a bunch of dolphins. I didn't know they could be seen in Gran Canaria. I loved it.

John S.February 2023

They met our expectations. We had read the comments from other clients and doubted if they were real but when we went to the Spirit saw that it was as described. An experience we'll remember.

Sonja K.February 2023

We loved it. We went with our 6-year-old daughter, and it was impressive. We saw dolphins up close and for a long time. The boat staff was very friendly. Then they took us close to the coast to bathe in the sea. I totally recommend the tour.

Katie H.February 2023

Book it for the first day of your holidays so you can repeat it. The first day we went out on the boat we didn't see any cetaceans, so they gave us a ticket to go another day and we saw hundreds of dolphins.

Victor F.January 2023

Fantastic. I have recommended it to all my friends for when they go to the Canary Islands

Joanna T.January 2023

A spectacular plan to do as a family. The boat tour was great, we some a kind of small whale and a dolphin pod, and upon returning to the pier we bathed near the coast.

Priscilla H.January 2023

Excellent and unforgettable. The super correct, friendly and attentive crew. We'll definitely repeat it. My children had a lot of fun.

Patricia K.January 2023

Totally recommended, the staff is super nice, but if you get seasick take two biodramines to see if you can hold on, as it moves quite a bit. But still, it's great and different from other activities

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The boat has its base in the harbor of Puerto Rico (Puerto Base), in the Southwest of Gran Canaria
If you are staying in in Bahía Feliz, San Agustin, Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas or Meloneras, you can choose, when booking (under “additional services”), the free shuttle from your hotel or nearby.


In which languages is the tour conducted?
We conduct our activity in Spanish, English, German, and Dutch.

Are you able to accommodate people in wheelchairs?

Where does the activity take place? Do you pick me up? Where is the pick-up point?
The activity’s departure is in Puerto Base, in Puerto Rico
We have pick-up areas in Bahia Feliz, San Agustin, Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas and Meloneras for bookings made at least 24 hours in advance. When booking, in step 1 select “pick-up at the hotel” under “additional services.” In step 2, select the location where you are staying and a point of reference in order to indicate the time of pick-up and the pick-up point.

What does the activity include?
-Water and refreshments
-Guide in Spanish, English, German and Dutch.

What happens if we don’t see dolphins during the tour?
If no dolphins are seen during the tour, we will give you a ticket for a free tour on another day. The amount of the ticket is not refunded.

How soon should I arrive at the boat’s ticket office?
You should be at boat’s ticket office at least 20 minutes before the departure of the tour.

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