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Sea Trek in Gran Canaria

Live the experience of the seabed while at a depth of 5 meters.  Discover the diversity of the marine life, in the simplest way you could have ever imagined.

You will only need a bit of training (briefing) of 10 minutes and you will be eager to experience and participate in our natural aquarium.diving gran canaria

Walk for 30 minutes with complete safety at the bottom of the sea, a SeaTrek guide and a diver will accompany you at all times.

Feel like a real astronaut visiting the moon.  Enjoy the feeling of weightlessness and the impressive vision that the helmet gives you as it is manufactured with the most advanced technology.sea trek puerto rico

It does not matter what age you are to make Sea Trek. You are guaranteed to enjoy and you will also have a special memory that you can share with your family and lifelong friends.

Get Sea Trek at any time of the year.  The wonderful climate of Gran Canaria, the temperature of the water and the Sea Trek equipment allow you to enjoy our activity throughout the year.diving in anfi gran canaria

If you are staying at any hotel in southern Gran Canaria, you only have to let us know which hotel you´re staying at to make the booking.

If you can walk and breathe, you can do SeaTrek.



Q: Why do Sea Trek and not a diving course?
A: Because you can explore the underwater world easily and safely, without the need to invest the precious time of your holidays on specialized training.

Q: How long is the Sea Trek Activity?
A: The Sea Trek activity lasts for about an hour. Sea Trek program includes the following: presentation orientation prior to the walk: about 10 minutes. Underwater exploration: approximately 30 minutes. The Memories: Last for life!

Q: How safe is the Sea Trek system?
A: For 18 years, Sub Sea Systems has established the standards for the safety of participants in the watersports industry and this commitment to safety extends to every aspect of the experience of Sea Trek. Some of the most important security features of the Sea Trek helmet diving system include: 3 times the amount of air needed to breathe normally. To date, Sub Sea Systems has made more than two million Sea Trek tours without a single accident reported. All tours are led by trained professionals. To maximize the safety of your experience, Sea Trek is done in less than 9 metres of water.

Q: Will there be a guide during the Sea Trek?
A: Always - but not just a guide - a Sea Trek guide that is certified and fully trained and at least one security team of Scuba Divers. Operating in the greater chain of aquatic centres around the world, Sub Sea Systems has set standards to ensure the safety of participants in the world of the aquatic industry and has an unparalleled safety record.

Q: How do I breathe? Is it difficult?
A: Breathing inside the Sea Trek helmet is just like breathing normally. It is very easy.

Q: What do I wear?
A: Only need a swimsuit. Sometimes depending on the weather we offer suits and Crocs for walking and to give the customer more comfort and protection.

Q: What happens if I don´t feel comfortable under water?
A: Our main objective is to make sure everyone has a safe and fun experience. There is always a certified guide from Sea Trek near and the air supply is controlled constantly. The activity is at its highest level of comfort.

Q: What happens to the pressure in the ears?
A: To equalize you do the same thing as on a plane. You can yawn and swallow. You can put your hand into the Sea Trek helmet to compensate for changes in pressure at different depths.

Q: Can I use my glasses/contact lenses with Sea Trek?
A: Yes, you can use contact lenses or even sunglasses, if you want to look very cool during the underwater excursion.

Q: Can anyone do Sea Trek?
A: The vast majority of people can do Sea Trek, from 8 years of age, however when you arrive at our facility you must fill out a document that provides general health information. It is not recommended to do Sea Trek in the case of women who are more than 3 months pregnant, people with heart problems, lung problems or diabetes, or people who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Q: What will I see during the Sea Trek adventure?
A: Sea Trek adventures are unique in each location. Depending on the place, the tours are in the open sea or in an aquarium or aquatic Centre. Tours in open sea can be done from the coast, from a platform or from a boat while tours in aquariums are usually carried out in an improved environment. At Anfi del Mar, you can see a rich diversity of fauna marina and invertebrates, with species typical of the Canary Islands.

Q: What is included in the Sea Trek adventure?
A: Everything needed to carry out the activity is included; Certified and fully trained professional staff to ensure diver safety, wetsuit if needed depending on where you are joining Seatrek, Crocs to walk comfortably and our next-generation helmet for greater aerodynamics and comfort.

Q: Is it possible to get collected from the hotel to go to do the activity?
A: Yes, you can select pick up at the hotel in additional services. When booking more than 1 days in advance (24 hours), the collection is at the hotel in phase 1 of the reservation at "additional services".

Q: Can I cancel or change the reservation?
A: Once the reservation is made you may not cancel, you can change the day of the activity instead.

Q: What happens if the company decided to cancel the activity?
A: If the company decided to cancel the activity (always by adverse weather conditions), the customer has the opportunity to amend the reservation for another day.

Q: Can I get a better price for the activity?
A: No, we guarantee that you are booking with the best price.

Q: How much will I pay for the booking?
A: You will pay for the full activity, without surprises or additional cost.

Q: What happens after booking?
A: You will receive the confirmation email, you will need to print the booking form to submit it the day you are going to perform the activity.

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