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Boat trip Puerto Rico - Mogan - Tasartico

To go on this boat excursion along the southern coast of Gran Canaria from Puerto Rico to Güigüi, the first thing you should know about is our boat:  a vessel 30 metres long and 12 metres wide. It also has a capacity of 244 people, but in order to have a comfortable journey, there will only be up to 100 people on the boat. This way, you can move around at any time from the deck area, where you’ll find comfortable chairs, to the recreation area below deck.
Supercat catamaran
On the first floor you’ll discover the dining bar. This is obviously the place where you’ll have lunch, but as we have said, you can come here at any time to quench your thirst with a soda, a sangria or a beer. And if you like, there is also a Jacuzzi here where you can relax during the voyage.
Boat excursion supercat
Our itinerary begins when we board in Puerto Rico, and from there we will begin travelling along the coast until we arrive at Punta del Descojonado. This is the typical route, but in case the weather and sea conditions impede our way, we will choose another course, such as going to the tourist complex Anahi del Mar and its beach.

But if we follow the itinerary to Güigüi, you’ll be able to marvel at the four elements that will accompany us throughout the journey: the lava cliffs, deep ravines, beautiful beaches and enigmatic sea caves. And when the day is clear, we’ll see the peak of El Teide on the neighbouring island of Tenerife.
catamaran tour guigui
During the first part of the route, we will head toward Puerto de Mogan, a popular tourist spot on the island, in part due to its hotels, but especially for its series of attractive beaches. You’ll get a different perspective of all of this from the Catamaran, since it will pass in front of Amadores, Tauro, Cura, Taurito and Mogan beaches.
Puerto rico Amadores ships
Such large beaches greatly contrast the ones that we’ll see during the second phase of the excursion. We’ll see some less-known and practically virgin beaches, which are difficult to access. These include places like Venegueras Beach, Tasarte Beach or Tasartico Beach, all with beautiful landscapes.
catamaran tour to mogan
And our final destination still awaits us: Güigüi. It is without doubt the most inaccessible cove, due to the surrounding terrain.
puerto rico ship
From there, if the conditions of the sea allow it, we will head toward Punta del Descojonado. Remember that we’re in the Atlantic, very close to the coast but still in oceanic waters! Therefore we are always beholden to the weather. Therefore we will try to go to Punta del Descojonado in a safe manner. This is the most remote enclave that we’ll visit during the journey. Surely you’ll be wondering what its name means. There’s only one way to find out: travel with us on this excursion on our great catamaran!

You’ll not only discover the origin of this curious name, as well as marvel at the beauty of the southern coast of Gran Canaria, but you’ll also have the opportunity to eat on the boat. When we begin the return journey to Puerto Rico, the buffet will open and you can enjoy three dishes: salad, marinated chicken, or the typical Canary dish, potatoes and gravy.
ship tour in gran canaria
And for the best digestion, look for a comfortable chair on which to take a nap, or simply contemplate the coast before our vessel drops anchor near the coast so that you can enjoy a dip in the sea or other aquatic activities.
catamaran trip maspalomas playa del ingles
On board you can rent, at affordable prices, jet skis, parasails or the banana boat.
party trip maspalomas
After this stop, we will continue the journey to Puerto Rico, where we will arrive around 15:00. This marks the end of a full day on the sea and along the coast, which will undoubtedly be one of your best memories of your holiday in Gran Canaria.



  • Take measures against sea sickness if you think that you will be sea sick.
  • Wear a hat, sun screen and weather appropriate clothing, and consider that the weather might change during the trip.



Our clients' latest comments

Katie A.November 2019

Beautiful. I loved seeing all the canyons, cliffs and unspoiled areas of the Gran Canaria.

Sarah L.November 2019

Totally recommended. The ship is huge and the chairs and really comfortable. The public relations and the rest of the crew were very kind. An impressive tour all round. The food was great and swimming in the sea was a pleasure.

Caitlin T.November 2019

Fantastic plan. The Supercat in itself is a huge and comfortable ship, the route is spectacular and the PR lady, Mary Mar, helped us to enjoy the tour thoroughly.

Joe C.November 2019

Wonderful excursion. Relaxing, sunny, comfortable and with great service touring the south coast of Gran Canaria.

David A.November 2019

Family Plan. One of the few boats that allow you to see the coast until Güigüi. It's spacious, comfortable, the service is great with excellent attention and the food is pretty good too.

Alex P.November 2019

A must do excursion if you are going to Gran Canaria. The catamaran, service, and the route along the coast were wonderful.

Laura A.October 2019

Lovely catamaran and tour. The ship is spacious and the route has beautiful volcanic scenery.

Callum P.October 2019

Beautiful tour. We reached the virgin beach of Guigui with spectacular views of the canyons and cliffs of the whole desert like zone of Gran Canaria.

Grace L.October 2019

Friends Plan. We loved drinking sangria while sailing on the boat up the south coast with its cliffs and deserted beaches. Swimming in the ocean and the ability to hire cheap jetskis made this the best day of our vacation.

Leah L.October 2019

The best of the island. The diversity of the trip riddled with caves and cliffs was amazing.

Caitlin L.October 2019

Excellent day out! Swimming in the sea, tanning on the deck and impressive views made for fantastic day.

Amelia P.October 2019

Fantastic day. We really enjoyed the relaxing journey on the ship and its spectacular views as well as swimming in the sea and hiring jetskis.

Ella C.October 2019

A great day. The crew is very friendly and the trip is really beautiful. Swimming in the ocean was really fun.

Kieran W.September 2019

Beautiful trip. The contrast of the tourist areas with their wonderful hotels on the beach clashes with the wild areas of the islands with their high cliff tops.

Alfie M.September 2019

It's worth the effort. We passed by the tourist enclaves of Anfi, Taurito y Mogán plus many beaches and unspoilt locations with beautiful views.

Nathan V.September 2019

Beautiful day in Gran Canaria. Thanks to Mary Mar and the rest of the crew, we enjoyed a great day even though the weather was not so good as it rained. Either way, the service and the tour were well worth it.

Sarah L.September 2019

I'll be back! We enjoyed a super relaxing day with plenty of spectacular views. The food and service from the crew was 10/10.

George C.September 2019

Even though there were lots of people, the boat is so big that you don't really notice. We loved the excursion especially enjoying the views from the jacuzzi.

Lewis S.September 2019

Highly recommended. My husband and I loved the trip along the coast seeing the cliffs and the unspoilt beaches. The service and the food were great and swimming in the sea was a pleasure. Well worth it.

Caitlin T.September 2019

Great day out with the family. I wanted to celebrate my son's 10th birthday with a sailing trip in Puerto Rico and enjoy water sports together as a family. Thanks to the Supercat crew for such a magnificent day out.

Laura A.August 2019

Nice outing to do with the family. My kids really liked sailing on the Supercat, swimming in the sea and going on the banana boat ride.

Alice W.August 2019

Relaxing! I loved the tour for the contrast between the tourist and wild areas of Gran Canaria. The boat is huge and the seats are really comfortable, perfect for taking in some sun and enjoying the wonderful views.

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