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Gran Canaria Zoo

Spend an unforgettable day at Palmitos Park, a great zoo in Maspalomas, considered the number 1 recreational activity in Gran Canaria according to both its ratings on Tripadvisor and the number of annual visitors.
Dragon de Komodo Palmitos Park
Relax in a pleasant and peaceful environment, amidst a ravine surrounded by mountains and paradisiacal vegetation.

Enjoy Palmitos Park’s prestigious shows, particularly those of the dolphins, exotic birds and birds of prey.

And observe a variety of animals from all over the world, including mammals, birds, reptiles, and fish.



  • Sunscreen
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes. Jacket or jumper, depending on the season
  • Video Recorder and Cameras.
  • Sunhat

Enjoy the shows at the zoo:

Dolphin Display

Have fun watching Palmitos Park’s 5 bottlenose dolphins (Cris, Mayé, Roque, Sargón and Sunset) perform acrobatics, jump more than 5 metres high, play basketball, pass through hoops, demonstrate their vision and agility, propel their trainers in spectacular jumps, leap over the trainers’ heads, or serve as a platform for surfing.
dolphins gran canaria
Palmitos Park Gran Canaria

Birds of Prey Show and Exotic Bird Show

Learn information about each species and admire the flight of parrots, cockatoos, marabous, cranes or kookaburras. Observe their flight from various heights or as they glide above your head.
Palmitos Park Maspalomas
 park open hours
Admire the flight of eagles, falcons, barn owls and vultures. Notice how they are able to smoothly reach impressive heights and then sharply dive.
los pamitos park

Parrot Show

Have fun watching the parrots count, ride bikes, skate, pretend to be bulls, and many other humorous tricks that are sure to make you smile.

Discover countless animals of every type and from every continent
zoo gran canaria

  • Mammals such as gibbons and orangutans, wallabies or meerkats.
  • Birds such as flamingoes, ibis, spatulas, toucans, pelicans, parrots or emus.
  • Reptiles such as komodo dragons and caimans.
  • Fresh water and salt water fish in a big aquarium.
  • And much more…


  • Sunscreen
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes. Jacket or jumper, depending on the season
  • Video Recorder and Cameras.
  • Sunhat



Our clients' latest comments

Robert W.December 2023

We liked it a lot. The shows are very entertaining and educational, there's a good atmosphere. Exotic bird lovers will be in paradise, I definitely recommend it.

Adam D.December 2023

A good option. We doubted whether to go or not, because it seemed a bit expensive, but it's truly great. It has very nice facilities and we loved the dolphin show.

Kristina O.December 2023

The best option to go with children. My son had a great time watching the parrots, the raptor show and the dolphin show. Without a doubt, I also enjoyed myself like a kid, I loved it.

Deborah A.December 2023

It is like an oasis in the middle of the desert. The park is worth a visit, although to make the most of the day it's best to go early. The shows are very good and the kids love them.

Nicholas R.December 2023

Not to be missed! Everything is clean and you can spend a great day among animals. We thought the food inside was a bit expensive, if we had known we'd have brought our own.

Vivian P.December 2023

A very familiar place. The park is an oasis in the middle of the mountains, and the visit really begins even before you arrive, as you can enjoy the landscape of the ravines on your way there. The whole family had a fun visit, it was very good.

Lisbeth J.November 2023

A wonderful day. It's ideal to spend a good day, especially if you go with children. You see various species of animals, shows, animations… We had a wonderful day.

Victoria S.November 2023

Regular. The dolphin and bird shows are impressive but the cages are very small in some cases and the drinks are very expensive.

Brian H.November 2023

The experience is worth it. We thought that we would be in there for about two hours, but in the end the children were having such a good time that we stayed for almost five hours. It was cool.

Yvonne A.November 2023

Great. The park is gorgeous, we loved the animals.

Joseph S.November 2023

A good park to see animals but the service for people is deficient. The food is industrial and expensive. If you come, don't eat here.

Amy C.November 2023

Nice park but poor shuttle service and food services. The food is of poor quality and is almost more expensive than the park entrance.

Stefani S.November 2023

My daughter was delighted. The park is beautiful, full of exotic animals and vegetation, but the food inside was a bit expensive, if we'd known we would've brought our own.

Sarah MOctober 2023

Unforgettable. I'd never get tired of seeing it, the animal attractions are incredible. An amazing place to spend the day with the entire family.

Jane H.October 2023

Very pretty. Clean cages and well-cared-for animals. We loved the aviary.

Martin D.October 2023

A highly recommended visit. You'll spend a very pleasant day with the family, watching the shows and all the animals. It's an unforgettable experience for children

Katarina B.October 2023

I recommend it. You spend a great day watching the birds and dolphins, it's well worth going as well as seeing the butterflies, the orchid garden... On the bad side, the food is a bit expensive for the quality offered, but it's still worth a visit.

Harry W.October 2023

A must if you have children. They had a great time.

Alexander P.October 2023

Expensive for what it is. The shows are good, but nothing compared to the Loro Parque in Tenerife, which offers a much greater variety of animals and shows for a similar price.

Daniel Q.October 2023

We loved it. It's a bit smaller than the Tenerife zoo, but it's still worth a visit. You can't miss the dolphin show.

Megan VSeptember 2023

An excellent park. Hours fly by and the children were delighted. The facilities are clean and well cared for.

Charlotte O.September 2023

Highly recommended. The cactus and aloe gardens are immaculate, and the aquariums are also very nice. My family loved the dolphin show, it's worth spending the day.

Alexander M.September 2023

A good day. The park and shows are quite good, but everything you buy inside like food or drinks is very expensive

Laton P.September 2023

Spectacular. One of the best plans we've done on these holidays in Gran Canaria. The dolphins and eagles shows are definitely worth it. The landscape is also beautiful, highly recommended.

Suzanne L.September 2023

100% recommended. We went with kids aged 8 and 10, it isn't cheap but it's still a good option. The kids had a great time.

Julie W.August 2023

It was good. We liked the park, although we went on a very hot day so they had to suspend the raptor show.

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