OkGranCanaria is the number 1 website for booking trips and leisure activities in Gran Canaria.

OkGranCanaria is not just a booking site, but also an integrated grouping of the best leisure companies in Gran Canaria. All of the activities that form part of OkGranCanaria are leaders in their sectors, highly regarded, fulfil industry regulations and are geared toward customer satisfaction.

OkGranCanaria represents companies that offer guided ground tours, boat tours, sport and adventure companies, and the best theme parks in Gran Canaria.

Our group has been supported since its inception by the Tourist Board of Gran Canaria and the Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade.

Our team

Luis Manzano
Manager – Founder

Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from the University of Maryland University College  and master’s degree from the Business School of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. After working as the Finance and Human Resources Director for various companies, in 1999 I decided to undertake my own projects related to the tourism sector at both a local and national level.

I love to travel and am in love with Gran Canaria. Therefore, on okgrancanaria.com we select the best luxury excursions and activities for both tourists and local residents to enjoy.

I have advised on the selection of excursions and activities for island tourists for the most important hotel chains, including Lopesan and Gloria Palace, as well as the Tourism Board.


Natalia Betancor

Passionate about tourism and Gran Canaria, I graduated with a degree in Tourism from the University of Las Palmas. I am an official tour guide and am finishing my master’s degree in Communication from UOC.

I am responsible for customer service and content creation for okgrancanaria.com.


Marco González
Advisor – Tour Selection

I have travelled to more than 180 countries in the last 20 years, during which time I have done hundreds of excursions and activities. I have visited every continent, and my global vision and experience allow me to advise

okgrancanaria.com on choosing the best services to offer, taking into account their quality and value.

You can see videos of my travels on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/arribaelequipo


Alejandro Melián

I am a telecommunications engineer from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. I am responsible for developing okgrancanaria.com and its booking system, closebooking.com.

Like the rest of the team, I love to travel and go on a minimum of two trips per year, both in Spain and other countries.


Efrén Miranda
Consultant – Business Development

I have a degree in Economic and Business Sciences from the University CEU San Pablo and a master’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing from ESIC. I am currently a small and medium business consultant, lecturer, president of the  Entrepreneur Club and editor of the SMEs (small and medium enterprises) section of the digital newspaper El País

I advise okgrancanaria.com on their business and marketing strategy.


Cathy Habas
Spanish/English Translator

I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Indiana University Southeast  and I have worked with okgrancanaria.com for several years. I translate the original content into English for English-speaking tourists.

When I travel, I love to tour old castles.


Steffi Kersten
Spanish/English/German Translator

MSc in Biology from FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, Postgraduate in Archaeology and History of Mexico from Universidad La Salle Cancún.

15 years as a guide and translator in Mexico – my true passion are horses, nature and books.

What is the purpose of OkGranCanaria?

The main goal of our group is to offer high quality leisure options in Gran Canaria. All of the activities must provide an unforgettable experience on the island.

How are bookings made?

OKGranCanaria offers a secure and rapid system for booking a tour or activity in less than 2 minutes.Since we operate as a group, each booking is made directly wit the company that offers the activity. And each company offers its best conditions to encourage sales.

Therefore, it may so happen that each activity requires a different form of payment or for bookings to be made a few days in advance of the activity due to high demand.

What happens if I cannot book for the day I want?

If you cannot book online for the day that you want, it could mean that there are no seats available. In that case, get in touch with us via info@okgrancanaria.com and we will search for a solution to this problem.


Why should I book via OkGranCanaria?

There are many reasons for booking via our page, but we will summarize the main ones here:

  • The activities that OkGranCanaria represents are highly regarded and geared toward customer satisfaction.
  • Bookings are directly made with the company that offers the activity.
  • OkGranCanaria offers the best price and we also deliver a gift to our clients for every booking.
  • Bookings are made in a quick and safety way.

What should I expect after booking with OkGranCanaria?

To spend a day or a few cherished moments enjoying the activity that you booked.