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Jeep safari excursion in Gran Canaria

Our Safari Jeep excursion in Gran Canaria is the best way to get off the beaten path. We offer you an itinerary through some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the Canary Islands, which you certainly would never be able to enjoy if not for our drivers/guides, who are expertly knowledgeable about this territory and are experienced 4×4 drivers.
Carretera jeep asfalto Gran Canaria
In our Jeeps, which can seat up to six passengers, you will enjoy a very comfortable and interesting journey, getting to know some of the most spectacular places in Gran Canaria. We offer an excursion that combines adventure, discovery of nature and of the cultural footprints in the landscape and, overall, fun for the entire group.
Barranco de Arguineguin2
The Safari Jeep excursion begins when we pick you up at the pre-arranged point. From there, a catalogue of truly breath-taking corners of the countryside await. To begin, the first part of the journey will follow asphalt roads. From Playa del Inglés, we will arrive at El Tablero and then to the area of Lomos de Pedro Afonso.
The winding road that we will follow is in itself an adventure, but it also offers impressive views of the Grand Canyon of Gran Canaria and of the Arguineguín Ravine. In fact, we will go toward the highest part of that precipice, and that is precisely where the most enjoyable part of the itinerary begins.
Barranco de Arguineguin
The asphalt is transformed into a narrow dirt and gravel road, ideal for our jeeps and the expert hands of our drivers. You will be able to feel at ease and to enjoy the views of the Arguineguín Ravine, since we will come to another point highlighted on our trip: the Chira Dam.
excursiones jeeps gran canaria
We will stop there to take photos of this beautiful place before returning to the asphalt road to begin the drive to Tunte, the highest point that we will visit during the trip.

The experience of arriving in Tunte is very exciting. Soon we will discover the small but charming village of Cercado de Araña, we will see some enormous forests with the most emblematic species of the island, the Canary Pine, and we will be amazed by the rapid weather changes in this area, since it is possible to climb above the clouds and go from a sunny sky to a cold fog in minutes.
Cercado Arana Maspalomas
Very close to Tunte, we will stop to eat and to regain strength before continuing with our 4×4 excursion.

After lunch, we will return to the Jeep in order to travel to one of the most beautiful villages in the Canaries, the town of Fataga. Get to know this lovely village, which maintains the island’s traditional architecture and is surrounded by beautiful palm trees. In fact, the Fataga Valley, where we will find this village, is known as the Valley of the Thousand Palms.

Jeep tour Fataga
This will be the final stop on our 4×4 excursion through Gran Canaria, since from Fataga we will return to Maspalomas before dropping you off at your hotel.

If you have also purchased the camel ride along with the jeep excursion, you will be able to prolong this great day with a marvellous ride on a camel through Barranco de Fataga or the dunes of Maspalomas, before returning to your hotel. It is definitely the perfect finale for a wonderful day of adventure.
Camel ride in Gran Canaria

**The driver of your jeep may not speak the English but the guide of the tour will give you all the information in English on each stop.




Our clients' latest comments

HariJanuary 2023

Fantastic adventure. I'd say the only point worry raising is that some preparation is needed for vegetarian food before hand

Steve W.January 2023

Johnathan our guide and driver called us his 'family' he was fantastic and funny and full of knowledge and enthusiasm for his island. the trip was awesome with great views and off road tracks and a nice lunch at a cafe up in the mountains with opportunities to purchase local food and items along the way. fantastic day and value for money



Brandon P.January 2023

Adventure. The whole trip was amazing due to the diverse landscapes but the off-road part was incredible. It's impressive that we could stop on such a narrow road but the views were totally worth it.

Charlotte M.January 2023

Day of Adventure. The best Jeep excursion of my life. Wherever I go, I love exploring the route less travelled as you discover hard to reach places, but this experience more than exceeded my expectations. Also, we finished our trip with a relaxing camel ride through the dunes. Highly recommended for discovering spectacular places on the island.

Laura M.January 2023

Adventurers Experience. I wanted to do something different and go on a Jeep Safari in Gran Canaria with my 2 children and my husband and, although I personally had a tough time on the dirt road, we took away some unforgettable memories from the day.

Phoebe H.January 2023

Worth the effort. We were looking for a different type of experience from those you go on in bus and I wanted a little adventure. The journey and the views are stunning and the dirt road, mind-blowing.

Niamh B.December 2022

Adventure and nature. The route is really great thanks to the variety scenery and the journeying down the dirt and rocky road, a true adventure. And what better way to finish the day than with a camel ride. Highly recommended.

Adam V.December 2022

Gran Canaria Adventure. The ideal jeep excursion if you are looking to spend the day exploring Gran Canaria. There is a lot of adrenaline pumping as we travel along the dirt roads but the views are undoubtedly worth it.

Bradley P.December 2022

4x4 Adventure. I went with my wife and we loved the journey through the valleys and the landscapes throughout the whole route. Thanks the staff for giving us an unforgettable experience.

Aris P.December 2022

Fear. I thought the Jeep trip would be more relaxed but I had a really hard time and was quite scared during the part of the journey on the dirt and rocky road which was so narrow. For everyone else, the trip was phenomenal.

Alanis W.December 2022

Impressive. The rocky road is spectacular and the views throughout the whole journey are fantastic.

Megan A.December 2022

Continent adventure in miniature. We experienced diverse landscapes and temperatures and climbed up through the island and descended back to sea level. The journey on the rocky road which seemed so dangerous and the chilled camel ride through the dunes will be difficult to forget. It’s definitely worth it.

Aaron W.December 2022

Adventure, nature and contrasts. My wife and I wanted a Jeep experience so we could enjoy the nature of Gran Canaria and this tour met all our expectations. We experienced hot and cold, we saw semi-deserted areas, palm groves, evergreen mountains, crossed impressive ravines and finished the day with a camel ride. What more could you ask for from a day of adventure.

Natasha W.November 2022

Incredible. We spent the day on a rollercoster ride of emotions. The jeep safari was fantastic and we saw some places which otherwise would have been impossible to access any other way. I loved the landscapes and crossing one of the ravines on a really narrow rocky road

Holly G.November 2022

More adventure than necessary. I didn’t believe that the off road part of the journey would be so exciting. I was impressed that we could cross such a narrow and steep road in a 4x4. Now the the trip is over and the more nerve-wrecking moments passed, I think I will take away some lifelong and unforgettable memories with me from Gran Canaria.

Imogen L.November 2022

Too much adventure for me. Although it’s undeniable that the scenery was amazing, to me, the rocky road seemed dangerous.

Olivia P.November 2022

Adventure in the Gran Canaria Ravines. In just a 4x4 jeep we can traverse the ravines on the dirt roads of the Valley. It is definitely worth it for the great views throughout the whole route of the different landscapes.

Billy P.November 2022

Beautiful Landscapes. I think that only by going on a jeep safari such as this one can you enjoy the valley views and other delightful sights of Gran Canaria

Lucy M.November 2022

A day to remember. We had time to relax and to get excited, to experience the heat and the cold, to be at sea level and to reach over 1300m above it, to go by jeep and camel, to travel on paved roads and cross rocky roads. For me, an unforgettable day with amazing views.

Ben W.November 2022

Amazing views. I went with a friend to Gran Canaria and not only was I impressed by the views on the journey, he was too and said that he hadn’t met anyone would have gone on such a tour such as this before. We spent a day enjoying the jeep tour and the magnificent views throughout the whole journey. I recommend it.

Callum R.October 2022

Scenery, nature and adventure. A combination which guarantees an unforgetable day whilst at the same time getting to know Gran Canaria.

Luke T.October 2022

Adventure with experts. I loved the excursion for the journey and the scenery but I think the same journey would not have been possible on my own without jeeps and such expert guides.

Alexandra G.October 2022

A Family Adventure Day. Our children insisted on doing this jeep excursion and we all loved it. The scenery and the contrast throughout the route were the hallmarks of the journey. To end the excursion with a camel ride was the perfect end to an unforgettable day.

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What is the jeep safari departure time?
The usual schedule for the excursion is from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., although sometimes we have a second trip in the afternoon.

When is the camel ride booked?
The camel ride is booked and paid for upon entering the camel farm.

Is the camel ride done every day the tour departs?
Every day except Sunday because the camel farm is closed.

What clothes should I wear?
Wear comfortable clothes that are well-adapted to the time and season. We recommend bringing warm clothing since the jeep is convertible and a hat to protect you from the sun.

Do we make a stop to eat?
Yes, there is a short break in a restaurant-bar where you can something to eat.

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