Jeep tour with a chauffeur/guide

Experience both adventure and nature while exploring some of the most beautiful and spectacular sites in the central and southern regions of the island with this jeep tour in Gran Canaria. We offer you an itinerary through some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the Canary Islands, which you certainly would never be able to enjoy if not for our drivers/guides, who are expertly knowledgeable about this territory and are experienced 4×4 drivers.
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In our Jeeps, which can seat up to six passengers, you will enjoy a very comfortable and interesting journey, getting to know some of the most spectacular places in Gran Canaria. We offer an excursion that combines adventure, discovery of nature and of the cultural footprints in the landscape and, overall, fun for the entire group.
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The Safari Jeep excursion begins when we pick you up at the pre-arranged point. From there, a catalogue of truly breath-taking corners of the countryside await. To begin, the first part of the journey will follow asphalt roads. From Playa del Inglés, we will arrive at El Tablero and then to the area of Lomos de Pedro Afonso.
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The winding road that we will follow is in itself an adventure, but it also offers impressive views of the Grand Canyon of Gran Canaria and of the Arguineguín Ravine. In fact, we will go toward the highest part of that precipice, and that is precisely where the most enjoyable part of the itinerary begins.
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The asphalt is transformed into a narrow dirt and gravel road, ideal for our jeeps and the expert hands of our drivers. You will be able to feel at ease and to enjoy the views of the Arguineguín Ravine, since we will come to another point highlighted on our trip: the Chira Dam.
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We will stop there to take photos of this beautiful place before returning to the asphalt road to begin the drive to Tunte, the highest point that we will visit during the trip.

The experience of arriving in Tunte is very exciting. Soon we will discover the small but charming village of Cercado de Araña, we will see some enormous forests with the most emblematic species of the island, the Canary Pine, and we will be amazed by the rapid weather changes in this area, since it is possible to climb above the clouds and go from a sunny sky to a cold fog in minutes.
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Very close to Tunte, we will stop to eat and to regain strength before continuing with our 4×4 excursion.

After lunch, we will return to the Jeep in order to travel to one of the most beautiful villages in the Canaries, the town of Fataga. Get to know this lovely village, which maintains the island’s traditional architecture and is surrounded by beautiful palm trees. In fact, the Fataga Valley, where we will find this village, is known as the Valley of the Thousand Palms.

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This will be the final stop on our 4×4 excursion through Gran Canaria, since from Fataga we will return to Maspalomas before dropping you off at your hotel.

If you have also purchased the camel ride along with the jeep excursion, you will be able to prolong this great day with a marvellous ride on a camel through Barranco de Fataga or the dunes of Maspalomas, before returning to your hotel. It is definitely the perfect finale for a wonderful day of adventure.
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**The driver of your jeep may not speak the English but the guide of the tour will give you all the information in English on each stop.

Jeep safari from Playa del Ingles

If you are staying in Playa del Ingles, our standard procedure is to collect you at approximately 8:30 am, returning to your accommodation at around 2:30 pm after the morning tour. During times of greater demand like Easter and the summer months, a second afternoon departure is typical. In either case, once your reservation is confirmed, we will promptly contact you to indicate the exact pick-up time.

4×4 tour from Maspalomas

In the Maspalomas area, the standard pick-up time is approximately 8:40 in the morning, but we will confirm the precise time upon reservation. As with the other areas, during periods of increased demand, if you make a last-minute booking and cannot reschedule for another day, we may offer the option of departing in the afternoon.

Jeep safari from Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a little further from our meeting point so pick-up is around 8:20 in the areas of Puerto Rico and Amadores.


Wear comfortable clothing, closed-toed shoes and some warm clothing to protect yourself from the wind since the jeep will be open-top, unless it rains.
Bring sunscreen and a hat.

What is the jeep safari departure time?
The usual schedule for the excursion is from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., although sometimes we have a second trip in the afternoon.

When is the camel ride booked?
The camel ride is booked and paid for upon entering the camel farm.

Is the camel ride done every day the tour departs?
Every day except Sunday because the camel farm is closed.

What clothes should I wear?
Wear comfortable clothes that are well-adapted to the time and season. We recommend bringing warm clothing since the jeep is convertible and a hat to protect you from the sun.

Do we make a stop to eat?
Yes, there is a short break in a restaurant-bar where you can have something to eat.

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