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Visiting Gran Canaria via the private bus tour is probably the best option for groups of more than 7 people, although smaller groups can do this private tour as well.

We offer you a custom excursion, with pick-up and drop-off wherever you like and a tour that is adapted to your interests and needs. In our private guided tours, an expert, official guide will accompany you and tell you about Gran Canaria’s most important sites and landmarks.
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Discover some of the main tourist attractions in Gran Canaria: Teror, a town famous for its beauty, for the typical Canary balconies on the facades of its houses and for the Basilica of the Virgin of the Pine, the patron saint of the island; Arucas, where the Church of San Juan and the Arehucas rum factory stand out; Puerto de Mogán, a lovely area in the southern part of the Island known as “Little Venice”; Fataga and Tejeda, two of Gran Canaria’s most beautiful towns; the Bandama Crater, the island’s largest volcano with a diameter of over 1 km; some 50 spectacular ravines, like Moya, Arguineguín or Guayadeque.
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The impressive Dunes of Maspalomas, a natural space of more than 400 hectares that forms part of the Island’s most famous beach, Maspalomas Beach; Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the capital of the island and of the province of Las Palmas, where you can discover its old city centre, visit the Columbus House and Museum (the place where Christopher Columbus stayed before embarking on his journey to the New World), or visit the Quarry Beach, one of the most famous urban beaches in the world.
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But you should not leave the island without seeing some of its natural symbols, like Roque Nublo (Cloud Rock) or Bentayga Rock, huge rocks worshiped by the aborigines of Gran Canaria.
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In addition, we invite you to try some of our visitor’s favourite leisure activities during your private excursion, such as a camel ride through the dunes of Maspalomas or a boat trip to see the dolphins.
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We will take you to restaurants where you can try the Canary’s most popular dishes and cuisine, eating a la carte or from the menu. You decide.

You will get to know the history, culture, geography and flora of the island. You will discover why Gran Canaria is known as a miniature continent. You will experience microclimates and the contrasts in vegetation will surprise you throughout the trip.
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In short, we will plan private excursions with you so that you can take full advantage of the day, discovering iconic places and charming areas in Gran Canaria that are not so common on the typical tourist routes.

Private tour price quote

To request a quote for a private tour, please email us at with your name, the name of your company if necessary, whether you are a travel agency, the number of people in the group, date of the tour, pick-up and drop-off place and time, type of transport (bus, minibus or jeep), route or places you want to visit (if not, let us propose a route) and any other relevant observations for the tour organization.

The most comprehensive private tour in Gran Canaria

The private route that we do the most, and which covers the greatest number of points of interest in a single day, crosses the island through the center, from north to south. This allows you to observethe various landscapes, vegetation and climate that make Gran Canaria a miniature continent. Regardless of whether we start in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria or the southern part of the island, the tour includes the Mirador de las Dunas de Maspalomas, Mirador de la Degollada de la Yegua, Fataga, Valle de las 1000 Palmeras, Cruz de Tejeda and viewpoints that show Roque Nublo, Teror, Arucas and Vegueta (old town of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria).

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Dunas de Maspalomas


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