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Camel ride Gran Canaria

Only a few miles away from civilization, in the natural reserve of Maspalomas Dunes, a pack of 65 Dromedaries (camels) awaits you for a nice and quiet ride in a camel safari through part of the famous sand-dunes.
Camel ride in Gran Canaria

The Camel guides from Sahara receive you and choose your camel for a great fun ride in the dunes.
Camel fr kids int he south of gran canaria
Don´t miss out!
ride a camel in Amadores and Puerto Rico
Be a Tuareg in the Sahara for a moment, take a ride on the back of your dromedary (camel) and get the desert-feel!
camel ride in Gran Canaria
Admire the diversity of the surroundings, the exceptional contrast in this part of Gran Canaria between the sand dunes with the blue Atlantic Ocean in the background and, on the other side in the distance, the mountains in the centre of the island.

Feel the peace of this place; listening to the pace of your dromedary on sandy paths.
Paisaje dunar de Gran Canaria
Your guide on this camel safari is native from Sahara and expert in the breeding and training of camels.
camellos por las dunas
Perhaps you are lucky and will have the opportunity to admire a new born camel baby on its shaky legs or, as a curiosity, a white dromedary with blue eyes.
Camel tour Gran Canaria
You chose the moment to visit our Camel Safari park with your partner, family or friends. Manolo, Pepe, Ali Baba, Canuto, Macho and Daniel are some of the dromedaries, which leave every 15 minutes for a 30 minute excursion into the sand- dunes.
Ride a camel in Puerto Rico
The proximity of the site and the short ride, give you the opportunity to spend the rest of the day with other activities. Why not go shopping or have lunch in one of the restaurants around Meloneras or the Faro Shopping Center (lighthouse)? Or, even better, how about a refreshing swim at Maspalomas beach after the camel ride?


Our clients' latest comments

Chloe P.September 2022

I went with my husband and my children and we loved everything. I think that 30 minutes is more than sufficient and any more would seem to be too much. I don’t know what it’s like to ride a camel through the Sahara desert but this must’ve been close.

Paige G.September 2022

It’s an essential visit if you pass through the island’s dunes. The guides are from the Sahara and it feels like you are in a movie in the desert. Truly recommended.

Holly M.September 2022

The walk was quite short but we took some beautiful pictures. I went with my partner and when we finished, we took the opportunity to stay and enjoy the beach for the rest of the day.

Abigail A.September 2022

Fun experience. We had a great experience with the camel ride on the dunes of Maspalomas

DannySeptember 2022

Great fun! Worth every penny. Arrive early as looks to get busy.

Kate P.September 2022

That was a great ride! Our camel, Bara was really nice and peaceful. The dunes amazing. I really enjoyed!!! ???? Thank You



Thomas L.H.August 2022

The whole family loved the walk, especially the children. The environment is ideal for crossing the dunes of Maspalomas. It feels like you’re in the open desert. Highly recommended.

Louis A.E.August 2022

Pleasant walk and very helpful Saharan guides. We had a hard time finding the place but we got there after asking for directions. However, there was no rush because the camels leave every 15 minutes, which is perfect.

Chelsea R.August 2022

Highly recommended. My girlfriend and I decided to try it because some friends suggested it to us a few months back, and it was fantastic. When we arrived there was no one else there and we didn’t have to wait.

lily K.O.August 2022

High quality and a great vale. For 13 euros you can go for a ride, enjoy the environment and the surrounding palm trees and more. We went as a group of 8 people and although we had to wait some time, the weather was very cool on the path.

Reece P.August 2022

Something different and a stone’s throw from the area of Meloneras where we were. The only downside was that it was not easy to find the place, but the camel ride was great and we felt like we were in the desert.

Alexandra S.O.August 2022

We went as a group of 12 to ride the camels and we all felt like we were in the desert, with the dunes of Maspalomas and the Sahrawi guides and camels. Highly recommended and very affordable.

Amy T.August 2022

Camel ride on the dunes!! Fantastic tour in Maspalomas

Jack H.July 2022

A must if you go to Gran Canaria. It’s a unique place to do this kind of camel ride through this beautiful oasis.

Alexander G.July 2022

The camel ride was wonderful. The worst was arriving at the camel site.

Christopher T.July 2022

The camels were very calm, well-trained and under control by the guides, who, as we talked to them, said they were all Sahrawi. The downside was that when we parked the car, we had to do many laps of the area to find the exit point of the tour. The best and most direct way is to just ask for Maspalomas Pond, and it is right there.

Abbie O.July 2022

Very good price and a fantastic experience. We loved riding the camels through the dunes of Maspalomas.

Elizabeth L.M.July 2022

Although the guides were from the Sahara, they spoke very good English, and the camels were very nice and friendly, and in the end there was nothing of the odour that they warned us about before going. A delightful, authentic ride.

Jake V.July 2022

Beatiful experience. Camel ride on the dunes of Maspalomas was just great.

LailaJuly 2022

Great experience! Camels are well taking care of and you see a lot of beautiful nature. The information says it is wheelchair friendly which is not the case and not recommended if you ask me. Yes they help you to get in the seat but from the parking place you have to get on a not paved path to the camel ride with a lot of dirt, big stones and sand. Also the location of the camel ride is sand :(  

Courtney H.L.June 2022

A great thing to do with friends. It lasted 30 minutes but that was plenty to feel like I was riding a camel in the Sahara desert rather than in Gran Canaria.

Benjamin N.June 2022

We had a lot of fun riding the camels and we barely expected to even be able to ride! We felt like we were in the desert when we rode the albino camel, hahaha.

Charles T.O.June 2022

Wonderful, I went with my wife and children. Even the smallest of my children, who is 17 months old, rode with us. It felt like we were riding a camel in the desert instead of in Gran Canaria.

David H.D.June 2022

The guides were very well organized. It wasn’t complicated and customers were arriving as others were leaving. A lovely walk.

Liam P.June 2022

Wonderful. Camel rides on the dunes are one of the activities you cannot miss in Gran Canaria.

DanielJune 2022

Good fun and amazing views of the mountains.



Morris KJune 2022

It has been an amazing experience for me and the family. I will recommend this ride if you want to enjoy something different in the desert. The price was affordable.  

Nicole A.May 2022

My husband, my daughter and I took a ride on the backs of these animals! Mine was nothing short of Ali Baba, hahaha.

Charles P.A.May 2022

For 13 euros per person and 8 euros per child, it is worth a try. It’s not every day that my family and I enjoy a day in an authentic landscape of dunes and oases. I recommend sun protection for the children, with 30 minutes of sun exposure to protect them from.

Rhys D.May 2022

Good activity for less sunny days. My son and I were in the front of the line and it was the best for the extra room and views we had. I advise trying to get the first camel leading the caravan.

Soraia F.May 2022

Absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The guides were very professional, enthusiastic and customer service was perfect. The camels were also friendly, we got so many amazing pictures with them :D would highly recommend this experience and would most certainly experience it again myself.

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Are there any restrictions for camel riding?
Only people who weigh up to 110 kg may go.

Are there any age restrictions?
There are no age restrictions. Babies and children up to 3 years old go on the ride accompanied by their mother or father.

Can people in wheelchairs do the ride?
Yes, no problem. If the person is unable to take a few steps from the wheelchair to reach the camel, he or she is lifted in order to sit on the camel.

What are your hours of operation?
Everyday from 9:00am till 3:30pm

How long does the camel ride last?
30 minutes

How often do the camel trips leave?
Every 15 minutes

What kind of health care do the camels receive?
All of our animals are healthy and strong. We do not have sick animals working. Their health can be easily checked. Camels are ruminants and are ruminating for around 17 hours each day. A camel that does not ruminate like this is indisposed or sick.

Our camels also have their own veterinarian. All are registered with the Canary Islands government in the Department of Animal Health, where the status of the camels can be checked.

All of our animals have a microchip (which is not required) and are checked every year.

Each year run blood tests and a tuberculosis test are run by the Canary Islands’ official veterinarians, and they are also dewormed every two months.

How long do the camels work?
The camels are ready to work between 9:15 and 15:45. We have 35 working animals and the work is divided among them all. While some go for a ride, the others rest until their turn. In July, August and the Holy Week, the rotation may be greater, but during the rest of the year they do about three or four 30 minute rides.

How many kilos can these camels carry?
The camels we have are pack animals, not bred for racing, and they weight between 450 – 700 kilos. They can easily carry between 250 and 300 kilos, and we choose each camel based on the client, leaving the youngest and strongest for the heaviest clients, and the older camels for the lightest people. However, the maximum weight for riding a camel is 100 kilos per person.

Why do the camels wear muzzles?
It is required for all camels to wear muzzles, and we put them on very loose so as to not cause injury. None of these animals has a broken lip because of the muzzle, but rather because all camels have a split upper lip. It is their morphology. The split lip helps camels to eat thorny plants like Cactus, Acacias and other spiny plants without getting hurt.

Can two people ride if our weight is very different?
Yes. The weight of the two people is always balanced by adding sand bags around the person who weighs less so that the camel carries the same weight on both sides.

How can I get there?
We explain how to get there in the voucher.

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