Why should I book activities on OkGranCanaria?
At OkGranCanaria, we are concerned about you and your experience in Gran Canaria. Therefore, we have grouped together only the leading companies, dedicated to customer satisfaction, that fulfil all expectations and have the best quality/price ratio and the best price guaranteed.

What advantages are there in booking on OkGranCanaria?
Booking with OkGranCanaria is booking directly with the company that does the activity or excursion. When working as a group, all of the companies offer special deals or the best price guaranteed on OkGranCanaria. In addition, we give you a complete guide to Gran Canaria when you book via the site.

How far in advance do I have to make the booking?
It’s recommended that you book as far in advance as possible in order to guarantee that there are available spaces on the day that you want to do the activity or excursion.

Why can’t I contract more than one activity on the same booking?
When making a booking, you are making the booking directly with each provider, and each provider establishes their own conditions. Therefore, only one activity or excursion can be booked at a time.

How much do I have to pay when booking?
Each provider establishes the payment conditions when making the booking. In general, you only pay a small amount as a deposit for the booking, and the rest of the fee is paid when doing the activity or excursion.

Which forms of payment can I use when booking?
You can pay for the booking via PayPal or with the most popular credit cards: Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

When booking, I received an error with credit card payment. What can I do?
The credit card payment is automatic and there is nothing that OkGranCanaria can do. Please, verify that your card has not expired, or try again with another credit card. If the problem persists, contact us.

Can I book over the phone?
Almost all of the bookings are made online since, among other things, it offers the best advantages and more guarantees than making them over the phone. However, if you cannot book online, we can do it over the phone. Call us at +34 928 493216.

What can I do if I have problems while booking?
Contact us through email, telephone or WhatsApp, which are available in the contact section, for a solution to the problem.

I made the booking but never received a confirmation email. What can I do?
Once the booking is made, a confirmation email should automatically arrive in your email inbox. If 15 minutes pass since you finalized the booking process and the email still has not arrived in your inbox folder or in your spam folder, please contact us so that we can manually send the booking confirmation to your email.

I made a booking with pickup near the hotel but I don’t know exactly where the pickup point is. Can you help me?
If you have made a booking and the pickup point is not at your hotel, we will be in touch with you to indicate exactly where the pickup point is with respect to your hotel.

Do I have to print the booking?
For all of the bookings, except for the theme parks, it is sufficient to show the PDF (which automatically arrives in your email upon making the booking) on your mobile phone, or to print the first page of the PDF. In the case of the theme parks, the first page of the PDF should be printed and delivered at the ticket office.

Can I cancel the booking?
The cancellation policy is established by each provider and appears on the PDF of the booking that we send to you via email. You can cancel the bookings more than 48 hours in advance of the date without any charge, with full reimbursement of the amount paid. If you cancel the booking in the final 48 hours, you may have a penalty depending on the activity that you have booked. If you cancel in the final 24 hours or you do not show up, you will lose the amount paid.

Can I change the date of the booking?
Up to 48 hours in advance of the contracted date, you can change the date of your booking to another date if there are available spots. Contact us or the provider directly in order to make the change.

What happens if I end up not showing up in order to do the contracted activity?
If you decide not to show up to do the excursion or contracted activity, it is as if you did do the activity, so you will lose the amount paid.

What happens if I arrive late for bus pickup for the contracted activity?
In general, all of the companies that offer pickup have a set route through various areas, so they will only wait for a reasonable time at each pickup point. If you do not arrive at the pickup point on time, it is as if you did not show up for the activity.

What happens if the bus that comes to pick me up doesn’t come or arrives late?
If 10 minutes pass since the scheduled pickup time and the bus has not appeared, call the number of the provider, which is given on the booking confirmation.

What documentation should I bring with me when doing the excursion of the contracted activities?
You should always bring your ID or passport and the booking confirmation (either printed or on your mobile phone).

If a booking has hotel pickup, how will I recognize the bus that comes to pick me up?
The name of the company providing the activity appears in the booking confirmation that we send to you via email. The name of the company or of the contracted activity will also appear on a card on the bus that comes to pick you up.

How can I contact the provider of the activity or excursion if I have a question or concern?
If your question arises before making the booking, you can contact us for a solution. Once the booking is made, you will be able to contact us or the company that will be providing the activity, whose contact information you will find in the booking confirmation.

Are there special rates for groups?
Depending on the size of the group and the activity being done, we may have special conditions for groups larger than 15 people. Contact us via email and indicate the number of people and the activity to be done, and we will inform you without obligation of the conditions for groups.