Boat party with entertainment

We invite you to enjoy the liveliest boat party in Gran Canaria. Come with your partner, friends or your stag party group and share a few hours at sea with the best music and the best atmosphere on the island.
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Our DJ will play some popular music, featuring many of the biggest international hits of the 80s, 90s, and the last two decades. You’ll definitely recognize and want to dance to this music, since our dancers will propose some group dances and choreographies that you’ll have undoubtedly danced on more than one occasion.

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At times, the DJ’s music will also be accompanied by live musicians. Listen to the best songs spiced up by a percussionist playing the timpani or a saxophonist playing his saxophone.
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Throughout the crossing, our dance couple will perform a show fitting for professionals.
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And in the winter months, when the sun sets earlier, you’ll be able to enjoy an incredible sunset before heading back to the port.[cml_media_alt id='15417']fiesta en barco - puesta de sol[/cml_media_alt]

But the party also involves a boat trip along the southern coast of Gran Canaria and throughout the tour you’ll be able to see some of the most beautiful beaches, cliffs, hotels or sea caves on the island.[cml_media_alt id='6461']best party boat[/cml_media_alt]
We’ll stop so you can bathe in a protected area that’s very close to the coast.
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Take the chance to do another aquatic activity such as taking a banana boat ride or hiring jet skis on the boat and, sometimes, parasailing.
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In short, we’ll offer all the ingredients so you can enjoy the best boat party in Gran Canaria: good music, good atmosphere, good entertainment, good artists, drinks, food, views of the coast, swimming in the sea, water activities and getting to know some people who seek to have as much fun as you.

And what about the boat where the party will be hosted? Given that, to us, this is the place where we want you to have a good time, we’ll vary the boat depending on the number of people coming to enjoy the party.

We hope that, at the end of the party and upon returning to your accommodation, you’ll leave with the memory of having spent one of the best moments of your vacation in Gran Canaria.


– Bring swimsuit and towel.

– Wear a hat, sun screen and weather appropriate clothing, and consider that the weather might change during the trip.

Boat party in Puerto Rico

The boat party is usually done on some of the large catamarans in Puerto Rico, although, depending on the number of people attending and the season of the year, we can use smaller boats for the party in other areas of southern Gran Canaria.

Boat party in Maspalomas

There are no boat parties in Maspalomas but there is a pick-up service in Maspalomas to take you to the boat and bring you back once the party is over.

Boat party in Playa del Ingles

Boat parties have a pick-up service from Playa del Ingles to transfer you from different points in this area to the boat and back. There are no boats in Playa del Ingles or Maspalomas because there are no marinas in these areas.

¿Qué ropa debo llevar?
Es aconsejable llevar ropa de baño y algo de abrigo por si refresca a última hora de la tarde.

¿En qué barco se hace la fiesta?
Las fiestas se organizan en barcos diferentes en función del número de asistentes a la fiesta. Te daremos la información del barco unos días antes de la salida.

¿Cuál es el punto de encuentro?
Si vas a ir por tu cuenta al barco, en el bono de la reserva tienes la información del lugar de salida. Si eliges la opción de reserva con recogida, te informaremos del punto de recogida más cerca a tu alojamiento la semana antes de la fiesta.

¿En qué ocasiones puede la empresa organizadora cancelar la fiesta en barco?
Si las condiciones climáticas adversas, sobre todo por el mal estado del mar o por lluvia, la empresa organizadora puede decidir cancelar la fiesta por seguridad. También puede cancelar la fiesta si el número de participantes en la fiesta no alcanza el mínimo para tener un ambiente de fiesta, por lo general más de 40 participantes.

¿Qué pasa con mi dinero si se cancela la fiesta? 
Se devuelve la totalidad de la cantidad pagada.

¿Cuándo me avisarán si se cancela la fiesta?
En cuanto nos avise la empresa organizadora.

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