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  • Yellow Submarine trip

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    Children price: 2-12 years old
    Under 1 year old free

    Point of departure: Puerto de Mogan
    Departure time: everyday at 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:30, 16:20, 17:10
    Duration: 40 minutes
    ****Consult departure time when booking in case there is any change

    Languages:  [cml_media_alt id='1518']español[/cml_media_alt]  [cml_media_alt id='1516']Ingles[/cml_media_alt]  [cml_media_alt id='1517']aleman [/cml_media_alt]

    Questions about the tour? Check the  FAQs tab or send us an e-mail to OkGranCanaria

Yellow Submarine Gran Canaria - Mogan

Enjoy a unique submarine tour to the bottom of the sea on board our Yellow Submarine.

Experience a 45 minute sea adventure at more than 20 metres deep. Feel the silence of the sea while comfortably seated and observe the sea world through big portholes or via TV monitors, connected to video cameras outside the submarine.

submarine adventure mogan port visitantes del submarino

You will encounter enormous schools of local fish like parrotfishes, zebra breams, grey mulets, bastard grunts and sometimes trumpet fishes or groupers.

fish in yellow submarine in mogan family in yellow submarine in gran canaria

Discover an authentic ship wreck on the bottom of the sea (20 metres), The “Cermona II”. This 32 m long steel-hulled fishing boat reminds us of the origins of this fisherman’s village.
pecio desde el submarino selfie submarino amarillo
The hull is covered with a thin coat of algae and gives shelter to many fish and shell fish, characteristic species of Gran Canaria.


Yellow submarine gran canariagran canaria submarine adventure

Submerge to the bottom of the sea like Nautilus in his Odyssey, as described in Jules Verne´s novel.  You will perceive the sea in another dimension. The children experience an adventure, feeling like a submarine crew on a supervising mission. Dive into a world of different forms of life on Gran Canaria’s sea bed. Take an incredible tour submerging in the profoundness of the sea of Puerto de Mogan.

Enjoy this unique excursion into the depths of the ocean without altering marine life. The Yellow Submarine is completely ecological; motors work with electric batteries and therefore do not damage the environment.

Our clients' latest comments

Good but expensive. The trip on the submarine was very nice and we enjoyed it a lot, but if you are going like I did with 5 family members, be prepared for the price.

Disappointing. We saw almost nothing. They say that the sea was rough but that is no excuse. We saw no fish unless they were very close to the submarine.

Amazing, I loved it and recommend it 100%. The sensation is unique and I could see a sunken ship and countless fish at the bottom of the sea

I think that for the money that we paid, the trip was short. If it were less expensive, I would recommend it to the entire world.

I was very nervous to go on this adventure, but as soon as the submarine was submerged and loads of a variety of fish in full view, my fears disappeared.. Furthermore as the submarine was at the bottom of the sea. and shown remains of sunken ship, what a view it was so awesome and unforgettable.  The experience was worthy every penny and will stay with me forever. I will surely recommend anyone not to miss this experience.

Yellow submarine was absolutely amazing. Thought i might feel a little unsafe as dont like small spaces but i did not. Vessel is air conditioned & everyone has a seat with a window. Please bear in mind the steps into the vessel are horizontal, so if you struggle with mobility, this may not be for you! This trip is well worth the money.



Recommended for everyone. It was relaxing and exciting to travel on Mogan’s submarine.

It’s worthwhile although I think it’s a little expensive. We saw a shipwreck and many fish. It was like being in an aquarium.

It went very fast. We went down to a depth of 20 metres and saw a sunken ship. Although we were there for about an hour, the time flew by. I recommend it.

If you are going to Gran Canaria, you have to go on the submarine. I went with my 6- and 8-year-old sons and they still keep talking about the submarine. It’s an experience that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

It was very exciting to be on a real submarine and to see the bottom of Mogan, loads of fish and a sunken ship. I recommend it.

Very fun to do with family or friends. I went with 3 friends and we really liked the trip on the yellow submarine. We were there for 40 minutes but the time flew by.

We had doubts at first because it seemed a little expensive to us to go with my husband and my two sons, but the children had a lot of fun and we loved the experience.

Excellent. We loved the experience of going on Gran Canaria’s yellow submarine and seeing the fish and the sunken ship, but it went very fast for us.

Great experience. And at least it was the first time that I went down 20 metres deep and saw fish as if I were in a fishbowl. I think that 40 minutes was sufficient for enjoying the adventure since we saw a lot of fish and a sunken ship.

We saw a ton of fish and it was very fun. It was a worthwhile trip.

It’s nice. I never thought that I would go on a real submarine, but I enjoyed this adventure with my boyfriend. The screens that were in the seats were really cool and the simulation of sounds was really fun. I took pictures of a lot of fish.

I went with my 87-year-old uncle and although it took a little while to lower and raise the submarine, he enjoyed it like a child. We loved the experience of going on the yellow submarine and I recommend it to anyone who goes to Gran Canaria.

We loved the submarine trip, we saw loads of fish and a sunken ship. The experience is worthwhile. The only thing that was disappointing was that the bottom of the sea of Mogan is totally sand and we didn’t see any kind of plant life.

Amazing experience. We’ve spent years coming to spend time in Gran Canaria and it never occurred to us to go on the submarine until we decided to this year. It’s a worthwhile experience to see the bottom of the sea on the submarine.

Beautiful experience. I went with my wife and my 6-year-old son and we loved it. The submarine barely moves and the sensation of being near the bottom of the sea, seeing fish next to the sunken boat, was amazing.

The submarine trip was lovely. I went with my husband and my son, and we had a good time. We took many photos of fish and of the sunken ship.

Amazing. I’m from the Canaries and I always thought that the submarine was only for tourists, but my girlfriend gifted me a trip with her and it impressed me. I recommended it to all of my Friends and when they went they were also pleasantly surprised.

First class amazing experience; calm sunny day and the water was crystal clear; hundreds of fish swimming along the side of the submarine just inches from your nose. The trip is worth every penny; unless you take up Diving you will never experience this; it was beyond all expectations and the wreck was fascinating!

The yellow submarine was excellent, when you go onto the submarine they take a photo which you get at the end of the trip which was 5 euros which I think was reasonable compared to other trips, as for the submarine trip our two young daughters really enjoyed seeing the different types of fish, the sunken ship, and pillars. We saw a variety of fish, little black ones with an electric blue tinge, red and yellow stripy fish, pipefish and there were loads of fish around the sunken ship.

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The submarine tour departs from Puerto Mogan.

If you are in Bahia Feliz, San Agustin, Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas, Meloneras, Arguineguin, Puerto Rico - Amadores, Playa del Cura or Playa de Taurito, you can opt to book the tour along with the yellow submarine’s bus shuttle to Puerto de Mogán clicking here



Can I fly after riding in the submarine?

Can I ride in the submarine if I am pregnant?

I have heart trouble, can I ride in the submarine?

Can I enter the submarine in a wheelchair?
No, minimal mobility is required in order to access the submarine's interior.

In which languages is the tour conducted?
We conduct our tour in Spanish, English and German.

How far in advance should I arrive at the submarine's box office?
Clients who have reserved a submarine ride without hotel pick up should arrive at the box office at least 15 minutes before their departure time.

Might there be a variation in the submarine's departure time?
Yes. Although you have reserved a submarine ride for a certain time schedule, your ride may be delayed by the weather or due to operational reasons.

How long does the tour last?
40 minutes

Any recommendations?
Do not ride in the submarine if you suffer from claustrophobia.

What happens if for some reason the company decides to cancel the tour?
If the company decides to cancel the activity (usually due to weather or unforeseen circumstances) for the day that you had booked, we will contact you via the email or telephone number you provided when booking in order to provide alternatives.

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