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Jet Ski rental in Gran Canaria

Come anytime to Playa del Ingles (in the Summer season), Taurito and Mogan beaches to enjoy the jet ski in Gran Canaria. If you are in other tourist areas such as Maspalomas or Puerto Rico, you can ask for the pick up option when booking in advance.

Have fun driving through the waves with a powerful 55 HP jet ski in Gran Canaria.  Feel your adrenaline rise, jumping over waves and feeling the power of the sea.
Maspalomas jetski rental
Make short trips with the jet ski along the coast of Gran Canaria.
jet ski for children

No experience is necessary. Qualified instructors will teach you how to handle the Jetski safely.

Pilot in the buoys circuit off the beaches of Taurito, Puerto de Mogan or Playa del Ingles.
Enjoy riding a Jetski
If you prefer to ride along the coast of Gran Canaria, you can do a jet ski safari instead.

*You must come with your identification card or passport for the rental.

Jet ski in Playa del Ingles

If the weather conditions in Playa del Ingles aren’t suitable for driving jet skis, you can drive the jet ski on other beaches that have better protection from both wind and waves. When booking the 30-minute rental, opt for the transfer service and for only 2 more euros per person we’ll take you to the Taurito and Puerto de Mogán beaches.

Jet ski rental in Maspalomas

If you are staying in Maspalomas and have a car, you can book a 15 or 30-minute jet ski rental and visit any of the beaches we operate on. The booking voucher shows the information for all 3 beaches and includes a link for the meeting points at each beach. The voucher will be valid for 7 days from the date of booking, and you can use it on any of the beaches between 10:00 and 15:30. If you decide to go to the nearest beach by yourself,> which is Playa del Inglés, first read our notes about renting jet skis on that beach.

When booking the 30-minute rental, you can also request a transfer service, so that we can take you from your accommodation in Maspalomas to the beach with the best conditions for driving the jet ski.

Jet ski rental in Puerto Rico

As Puerto Rico is very close to the beaches of Taurito and Puerto de Mogán, you can go to any one of these beaches on your own, with your reservation voucher, or request the pick- up service If you book the 30-minute rental. If you go to the beaches on your own, the voucher will be valid for 7 days from the booking date.

Jet ski rental in Mogan and Taurito

Enjoy jet skling all year round on the beaches of Taurito and Puerto de Mogán. Except for rare occasions, almost every day of the year is sultable for riding jet skis on these beaches. You only need to go to these beaches during opening hours but, If you want to be 100% sure that you can drive the jet ski on a certain day, contact us on any of the phones shown at the top of your booking voucher. Also, remember that if you go to these beaches on your own, the voucher will be valid for 7 days from your booking date.


Our clients' latest comments

Samuel O.December 2023

They picked us up at the hotel and brought us to Mogan. The jet ski was spectacular. Really fun. Also, we had time to explore Mogan.

Jessica H.M.December 2023

I went with a group of 5 people and the best part was the free pick-up at our hotel. We appreciate the level of detail and the service they provided once we were in the jet ski area. Thanks guys.

Harry S.December 2023

I recommend them to anyone who likes speed more than anything else. Experience the adrenaline and, in my opinion, the waters of the Canaries are unbeatable.

Luke J.L.December 2023

Good circuit and few waves. Fantastic. We rented two jet skis for 30 minutes. They came to pick us up from our hotel in Playa de Inglés. Very good service.

William I.R.December 2023

I recommend it. I rented a tandem with my girlfriend and we loved it. We love the speed and adrenaline that runs through the body.

Benjamin H.A.December 2023

A phenomenal Company that treated us exceptionally well. Thanks to them, we enjoyed the skis and the day.

Thomas G.November 2023

They picked us up at our hotel and took us to Taurito’s beach. We loved driving the jet ski. Great service. I recommend it.

Megan D.November 2023

It was my first time and honestly I was not quite impressed. It’s fine to try but I don’t think I’ll do it again. The best part was the view of Mogan’s beach. It’s a perfect paradise.

Joshua P.A.November 2023

Received great attention from the monitors. Very high quality based on the beach area and the service.

Chole A.November 2023

My friends recomended the jetski ride to me and they weren’t wrong. They came to pick us up at the hotel and we had a fantastic time driving jet ski.

Matthew D.C.November 2023

I rented the jet ski with my girlfriend for 15 minutes and it was incredible. They taught me basic shortcuts and made me ready to enjoy the circuit. I’ll definitely to it again.

Emma L.November 2023

The waters around Mogan are stunning. For us it has been a true delight to rent the skis in this area.

Adam M.November 2023

I rented the jet ski with my partner for half an hour and we loved it. The time flew by but we hope to do it again the next time we go to the Canaries.

Olivia B.F.October 2023

The adrenaline rush is amazing. Everything was great. I’ll try it again.

Lucy T.D.October 2023

Fantastic. Highly recommended.

Bethany H.October 2023

Although Taurito was far from our hotel in Meloneras, they came to pick us up and drop us off at the hotel. The beach is very calm and the circuit has very few waves. Worth it.

Oliver P.October 2023

We had a spectacular time riding the jet ski and a great day in Mogan. The beach was very peaceful and the service was very good.

Liam P.October 2023

My friends and I were staying in Maspalomas and we rented the skis in Taurito . It was easy to get to Taurito and we had an unforgettable day. Great service on the part of Silvia and the rest of the team.

Alexander S.H.October 2023

A unique experience. My son and I were visiting the island and he convinced me to try it. The adrenaline rush is amazing.

Ellie F.October 2023

The area of Taurito was a little far from us but it was worth going there and touring the area on jet skis. Highly recommended.

Molly U.September 2023

Thanks to Silvia’s instructions and those of her monitors, we were able to use the skis for the first time with ease and we loved it. I recommend it.

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You will find us at Playa de Taurito, Playa de Mogan  and Playa del Ingles beaches.

If your booking is more than 70 euros, you can request, when booking, pick-up from the hotel if you are located in the southern area of Gran Canaria.



Are any prerequisites required to rent a jet ski?
Driver must be older than 16 years.  Companion must be over 6 years old.

What are the requirements to drive the jet ski? Do I need any type of license to drive a jet ski?
You only need to be more than 16 years old to drive the jet ski. You don’t need a license. If you’re between 16 and 18 years old, you’ll need parental authorization.

Jet ski rental or jet ski tour? Which is better?
The jet ski rental is done within a circuit of buoys, the driving time is shorter so the price is lower, and there is greater availability, especially if you don’t need the pick-up service, you can even book on the same day.

If you can book in advance, pay the higher price for the tour and prefer to tour the coast, then we advise you to book the jet ski tour. If not, the best option will be to rent the jet ski.

Are you able to accommodate people in wheelchairs? 

How long does jetski rental last?
15 minutes or 30 minutes.

How many people can go in the same jet ski at the same time? 
2 people. When booking, you can indicate whether you want to go alone or with a partner.

In which season can this activity be done? 
In Gran Canaria, jet skiing can be done year round.

Where does this activity take place? 
On Playa del Ingles, Playa de Taurito and Playa de Mogan.

Where does the activity take place? Do you pick me up? Where is the pick-up point?
Jet ski rental takes place on Mogan beach and Taurito beach. And in the summer time, usually at Playa del Ingles Beach.

We have free pick-up and drop off service at hotels in Bahía Feliz, San Agustín, Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas, Meloneras, Arguineguin, Puerto Rico – Amadores and Playa del Cura for bookings over 70 euros that have been made at least 24 hours in advance.  

Can we take turns driving the jet ski?
Yes, as long as the people meet the requirements to drive the jet ski.

What should I bring?
You must bring a swimsuit, your ID or passport and the reservation voucher (on your mobile or printed), as well as a card or cash to pay any pending amount or to be able to pay for the pictures if you request them.

We recommend bringing sunscreen and a towel to dry off after the activity.

Where can I store my things?
There are lockers in the facilities where you can leave your things.

Do we get wetsuits to ride the jet ski?

How long is the booking voucher valid for?
If you book with the option to go on your own, you have up to 7 days to pick up a jet ski on the Taurito or Puerto de Mogán beaches. If you book with the pick-up option, the reservation will be valid only for that day.

Can I cancel or change my booking?
Cancellations and booking changes must always be communicated via email.
You can cancel or change your booking for free up to 48 hours before the date for which you made the booking.

Cancellations made in the last 48 hours have a fine of 20%. Changes to bookings in the last 48 hours have a fine of 10% which must be paid at the activity.

If you do not attend the tour, you will lose the amount you paid when booking.

What happens if for some reason the company decides to cancel the activity?
If the company decides to cancel the activity (usually due to weather or unforeseen circumstances) for the day that you had booked, we will contact you via the email or telephone number you provided when booking in order to provide alternatives.

How can I get the photos and video that were taken of me driving the jet ski?
When you pick up the jet ski, the staff will inform you of the price and delivery of this material. OkGranCanaria has nothing to do with this service and we are not responsible for it.

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