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Boat rentals in Maspalomas, Playa del Ingles, Puerto Rico, San Agustin, Meloneras and Mogan

Renting a boat in order to enjoy a private excursion along the coast of Gran Canaria is the ideal option if you have a large group or are looking to celebrate any type of event with greater intimacy.

Based on the number of people, the reason for the event, the date and time when you want to reserve the boat, the duration of the excursion and your Budget, we can offer you the most appropriate options. Ask us for a quote and let us know the goal of your rental, whether it be to celebrate a birthday, to have a family reunion or a get-together with friends, to go out with co-workers, for a stag or hen do, for a marriage proposal or an anniversary, to have a party or simply to spend a special day with your loved ones.
Afrikat – day tour
You can also request to include some type of aquatic activity, like renting jet skis, going parasailing or riding the banana boat.

All of our boats have their ports of departure and return in the southern part of the island. However, if needed we will travel to pick you up at your hotel in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, San Agustín, Playa del Inglés, Maspalomas, Meloneras, Puerto Rico or Mogan.

Also, in the event that you want to rent them for excursions longer than four hours, we will always include food and drinks, for which we can make changes in quantity and quality depending on the Budget. And if you are thinking about spending a whole day on board, we can set sail early and return after dusk, so that you can enjoy the spectacular sunsets of the Canary Islands from the boat.

Since the options are so varied, we are going to detail some of the main boats that you can rent:

The first is a Turkish gulet, which is 26 metres long and 8 metres wide and has a capacity of 65 people. However, we recommend a maximum of 40 in order to travel more comfortably and to best enjoy the excursion. The boat is advisable for touring the coast from Puerto Rico to Güigüi.
bareboat charter gran canaria
Another large ship that sets sail from Puerto Rico is a huge catamaran, which is 30 metres long and 12 metres wide. Although it has a maximum capacity of 244 people, we will recommend a number of passengers appropriate for its different uses. For example, for a tour of the coast or to see dolphins, ideally the maximum is about 100 passengers, but to enjoy a party it might be best to fill it to capacity.
Supercat tour
Boat party Gran Canaria
Also ideal for parties is our Pirate Ship, a modern galleon with a capacity of 144 people. It is ideal for both touring the coast and for festive uses.
pirate boat hire
However, we have smaller boats available that can be rented with a skipper and crew, which are based in Pasito Blanco.
sailboat charter gran canaria
One of these is a luxury catamaran, 13 metres long and 7.5 metres wide, that can hold up to 12 people and has four cabins with baths. It is a pleasure to travel on this boat with either sail or motor. It includes activities like kayaking, paddle surfing, riding the banana boat, snorkelling or boat rides.
yacht charter gran canaria
Another option would be to depart on a luxury 25 metre sailboat with a capacity for 12 passengers.

This is perhaps the most relaxing excursion because the boat typically navigates with 4 sails deployed during most of the journey.

And if your favourite aquatic activity is sport fishing, then we recommend the Fish-on yacht, ideal for a group of up to 10 fishermen and two friends.
fish boat hire
fish yacht charter gran canaria
In short, if you want to enjoy an unforgettable day with your family or friends, don’t hesitate to ask us about our boat rentals, and we will address all of your concerns. We’re sure to surprise you!


Our clients' latest comments

Emily U.R.March 2020

Perfect for spending a day with friends. I booked the tour for a group of 25 people. The ship is very beautiful and very clean, and spacious for 25. Raul and his crew were very attentive at all times. The trip was fantastic. We’ll certainly do it again.

Megan V.March 2020

It was the third time that I rented the boat! That says it all.

James D.March 2020

Perfect day. We rented the ship for 22 people. Everything was quite good, the ship, the crew, the banana boat, the snorkelling equipment …

Hannah S.March 2020

For a little party, yes. For a chaotic bash, no. It’s the perfect plan for hosting a quiet party with friends, but if you’re looking to run riot, Raúl probably won’t let you on board. We have already rented the boat twice because the plan is great!

William P.March 2020

Excellent. It was worth renting the boat for a morning tour. The boat and the tour were fantastic.

Lucy J.D.March 2020

Perfect for teambuilding. We decided to hire the boat for teambuilding and it was a fantastic experience.

Jack F.February 2020

Wonderful for celebrating your birthday. I invited 19 people to my 30th birthday and everything was great. The ship and on-board service were great. We had a great time.

Chloe R.February 2020

Ideal for co-workers to do together. Everything was truly well organized, the staff was very professional and the facilities were perfect. Food and drink, too. It was a good experience and we plan to do it again. Thanks for everything.

Joshua G.February 2020

Perfect birthday party. I celebrated my 37th birthday on the boat with my wife and a group of friends. We asked permission to bring more food and drink, since the boat only offers white label items. It was the perfect day, both in regard to Raúl’s service and in the fun and relaxing time spent with friends.

Samuel H.February 2020

Fantastic. It’s the ideal plan for bringing together family, friend and hours on the sea. The boat is lovely and clean. It gives you time to relax, but you’ll have a lot of fun during the stops. Raúl and his crew were charming toward everyone too.

Bethany I.February 2020

Good. The tour, the boat and the crew’s service were very good. The only thing that could be improved for me is the food. It was a bit sparse.

Rebecca J.February 2020

Must do it again. We has such a good time and we’re already looking forward to renting it again.

Ryan U.O.February 2020

Peace and fun with friends. It’s the ideal boat tour to do with friends and to enjoy their company, the peacefulness of the boat ride, and the fun activities to do, such as swimming in the sea, snorkelling and riding the banana boat.

Lauren F.January 2020

Perfect for a bridal shower. We threw a hen do for a friend and, although Luis warned us that the boat was not to be wrecked, that wasn’t what we intended to do either. We had an incredible day, the boat was fantastic and the crew was very professional and fun. We’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Daniel J.L.January 2020

Bloody brilliant. Raul and his crew made sure we had a great time for the afternoon.

Jessica U.January 2020

My friends and I had tons of fun, laying in the sun, relaxing, swimming in the sea, going snorkelling, riding the banana boat. It’s worth it.

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