VIP excursion on a luxury catamaran

Enjoy a boat trip on the most luxurious small catamaran in Gran Canaria. Combine relaxation and fun in what we hope will be one of the best moments of your holidays in Gran Canaria.

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The 13.10 meters long and 7.20 meters wide modern catamaran is ideal for the 18 passengers who can go on this tour (the boat’s capacity is greater) so they can lie comfortably on the mats and beanbags located throughout the deck.

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Meanwhile, you’ll be able to move around the ship throughout the voyage, both on the deck and inside the ship, where meals are also served and where you can protect yourself from the sun.

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We’ll anchor in areas that are protected from the wind and waves, in places close to the coast, so you can swim and enjoy some free water activities such as snorkeling, paddle surfing or kayaking.

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And if you want to go parasailing or rent a jet ski at a very good price, the crew will take care of managing that reservation for you.

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On the morning excursion we’ll go to Tasarte beach, located in the southwest of Gran Canaria, so that you can enjoy the spectacular views of some of the most beautiful tourist developments on the island, such as Amadores, Puerto Rico, Taurito and Puerto de Mogán.

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We’ll also see some very large cliffs, sea caves and impressive ravines, that lead to desert beaches such as Veneguera beach or Tasarte beach.

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In the afternoon, we’ll go to Anfi del Mar beach, an imposing tourist complex where we’ll make our first stop to swim and do some water activities. We’ll continue towards Puerto de Mogán, where we’ll also anchor so you can swim in the sea.

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On the afternoon tour we’ll also be able to see the Taurito, Puerto Rico and Amadores developments, see some virgin beaches such as Tiritaña and observe the typical sea caves of this part of the coast.

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We hope that, at the end of this tour and upon returning to your accommodation, you’ll leave feeling equally disconnected, glad and relaxed, with what we hope will become one of the best memories of your stay in Gran Canaria.

Meals: In the mornings, lunch is served around 1:00pm and consists of chicken or grilled tuna, potatoes with mojo and salad. In the afternoon outings, a snack will be served around 18:00.


– Bring a swimsuit, a towel, a hat, sunscreen and some warm clothing to protect you from the sea breeze.

– Bring cash in case you want to hire any of the extra services that can be done on the boat.

– Be ready for seasickness. Even though the boat is very stable, and the route is close to the coast, we always recommend taking precautionary measures if you get seasick easily.

VIP catamaran tour


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