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Jet ski safari in Gran Canaria

Enjoy a jet ski excursion along the southern coast of Gran Canaria.
Las Palmas jet ski tour
Come alone or with your partner, family or group of friends to enjoy one of the most fun moments of your holidays on the island.
jet ski Playa del ingles
Release adrenaline driving these powerful jet skis at your own pace. Whether you have experience or are driving a jet ski for the first time, this excursion is adaptable so you can enjoy the greatest experience.
couple in a jet ski
For your greatest security, we will leave in groups of up to eight jet skis accompanied by a guide who will be giving you directions along the way.
jet ski in Mogan
Upon finishing the excursion and returning to your hotel, we hope that you will leave with the sensation of having spent one of the most entertaining and unforgettable moments of your holiday in Gran Canaria.
Mogan Cliffs

If you prefer, you can rent a jetski instead.


We will pick you up at your accommodations in the southern area of the island: Bahía Feliz, San Agustín, Playa del Inglés, Maspalomas, Meloneras, Arguineguin, Puerto Rico, Amadores, Anfi or Puerto de Mogan. When making your reservation, indicate to us your hotel and we will send you an email indicating the pick-up time.


Our clients' latest comments

Chelsea F.September 2022

A treat to see those virgin beaches near the island’s crowded tourist areas. I loved the trip and I’ll do it again.

Mia D.P.September 2022

A great experience. I for one was a little tense on the jet ski but then I loosened up and enjoyed the views. They are quite unique. I recommend doing this in the summer especially.

Edward J.H.September 2022

I recommend this tour along the beaches of Taurito. You see not only water and more water, but also cliffs and virgin beaches that are impossible to access on foot.

Nicole K.September 2022

It was an amazing experience. Toni was a great teacher. He took pictures of us and took us out on a nice ride. Its not hard to be on a jetski at all. 1h is a good amount of time as well. Thank you again.


Michael S.September 2022

Great tour and highly professional. I went with my 9 year old daughter and had a wonderful day.

BrittSeptember 2022

Had a great time on the Jet-Ski. We booked the 1,5 hour tour, which was perfect for us. The guide explained everything and arranged everything very well! Unfortunately we couldn't go into the cave, because the water was too high, but it was great anyhow. A recommendation!

Rhys A.August 2022

Great treatment on the part of the monitors. So glad to enjoy the activity. I recommend it.

Kieran H.August 2022

Wonderful. Jetski Gran Canaria in Taurito with no wind was fantastic.

Ella O.M.August 2022

Great time! Taurito offered us the Jetski Gran Canaria experience.

Mia H.August 2022

Fun! We had a great time doing jet ski Gran Canaria in Mogan.

Jacob G.August 2022

Gran Canaria jetski is a must if you go to the south of Gran Canaria

Jack H.August 2022

I went with my partner for the two hour tour and we loved it! The jet skis they have are perfect, and the freedom you feel when cruising the ocean on jet ski is amazing

Aaron C.August 2022

Such a fun experience to have with friends, and Toni's service was perfect. We'll surely repeat it!

Alex F.July 2022

I went with one other person and they weren’t able to bring us from the hotel, unfortunately. However, the trip was spectacular as was the experience of riding a jet ski.

Lily K.July 2022

A pleasure Juan, and to be with your guides. We had a great time.

Lewis R.July 2022

The jet skis are in perfect condition, which is great, and they're good at explaining how to use them. We travelled with kids and had a great time. It's a good alternative to enjoy the island. We loved it.

Johanna B.July 2022

Amazing. We did the 2-hour tour and they took care of us from beginning to end. They explain everything you need to know for the jetski. It's definitely an experience to be repeated, but of course while wearing sun cream and with an eagerness to have fun!

Ane S.July 2022

I never thought I'd have such a good time! The organization was impeccable, congratulations on the service and the tour.

Diane R.July 2022

I'd done jet ski before but never like this, the guide, the views, everything was fantastic. They let you enjoy the ski as you wish, although they keep an eye on you at all times. Highly recommended.

Maximilian M.July 2022

To be repeated! Very attentive, friendly and professional guides, everything was well coordinated and they picked us up on time. They jet skis are in great condition. A perfect jet ski day.

Owen S.June 2022

I was looking for something special and fun and I loved it. I’ll do it again, and some of the other jet ski activities too.

Natasha O.S.June 2022

We had a great time with the very pleasant monitors, who always conveyed kindness and laughter. Unbeatable sensations on the jet skis and the caves that we visited. Spectacular!

Ellie A.June 2022

We received an excellent treatment since we made our reservation up until the very end. The guide who came with us was very attentive and we loved seeing the coastal landscapes from the sea. Thank you so much, we'll be back.

Thomas G.June 2022

Fantastic. We were a group of girls and the plan was a total hit. The guide, Tony, was very attentive and patient. He took tons of pictures, so funny. Highly recommended.

William S.June 2022

An excellent treatment And the jet skis are very well maintained and of a great quality.

Geoffrey P.June 2022

Perfect. We went as part of a bachelorette party and truth is it was a perfect experience. Not only because of the jet skis, which were super fun, but because the owner, Toni, made it so much fun. I recommend it!

Bill W.June 2022

The best jet ski tour. Seeing the coast from a different perspective is beautiful, the cliffs, the caves, the coves... Jet skis by themselves are fun, but this was definitely our best experience.

Dylan H.May 2022

The area of Mogan is a unique part of the island. I have tried other jet ski trips in other areas of Gran Canaria, and I must say that I prefer this one beyond any doubt.

Aaron J.May 2022

Juan and Silvia are very good people and very professional. Thanks also for the monitors’ advice. We’ll do it again!

Neil C.May 2022

A great experience! We had a very fun morning and the attention was excellent. It's a unique experience we'll definitely repeat it, they also take some souvenir pictures. 100% recommended.

Eloise R.May 2022

An unforgettable and different experience. We did the one-hour tour and it's definitely worth it. Toni explains everything with tons of patience and is very attentive, ensuring everything goes well. You can park easily in the sports harbor, and they even send you the pictures for free! I highly recommend it.

Phoebe C.May 2022

The jet skis are brand new, and the the guide who came with us along the coast was attentive at all times in case we needed anything. I want to repeat it, 100% recommended!

Brent EMay 2022

Great jet skis to ride and it was a very enjoyable ride along the coast. Highly Recommended ;-)  

Grzegorz, ElaMay 2022

Great tour, lots of fun, amazing views, grate pictures and memories. Highly recommended to everyone how is looking to try something new.  

Max D.April 2022

I recommend this activity as a birthday gift. They did so for me and I was amazed. A beautiful experience.

Nicole P.April 2022

My friends and I were amazed by the caves we saw in the cliffs. This island is a world apart and there are activities to discover. 100% recommended.

Christopher L.P.April 2022

Silvia and her group know what they’re doing and have been doing it for quite some time. We’re grateful for the patience of the instructors and guides and we don’t hesitate to recommend it to all of our friends.

Megan A.April 2022

Highly recommended. I did the hour and a half tour with a friend, with Toni. We received an exceptional treatment. He gave us very clear instructions and took pictures, we also had tons of freedom to roam.

Reece W.April 2022

This is without a doubt the best plan I've done in a while, it was spectacular. They even pick you up from the hotel. Congratulations on the great service.

Jessica T.April 2022

The best of our vacation! We had lots of fun and it's a great way to visit the Gran Canaria coast. If we return to the island, we'll surely do it again!

Zoe J.April 2022

Some friends and I did the two-hour tour, it was our first time on jet skis. Toni explained how they worked and looked out for us, but without overwhelming us, each at his own pace.

Zoe A.March 2022

The speed is very controlled and limited so that the trip is suitable for everyone. A delight and I hope to return soon.

Reece G.H.March 2022

The price is very economical and we left very satisfied with everything.

Katie R.March 2022

A great day. The guide was so charming and the jet skis are brand new. To be repeated!

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Is some kind of license, permit or certificate required to drive the jet ski?

Is experience driving jet skis necessary to do the excursion?

Are any prerequisites required for the activity?
Driver must be older than 16 years.  Companion must be over 5 years old.

Who cannot do the excursion?
People with back problems and pregnant women.

How long do jet ski excursions last?
1 hour or 2 hours.

How many people can go in the same jet ski at the same time? 
2 persons. When booking, you can indicate whether you want to go alone or with a partner.

How long does the excursion last?
You can choose between 60 and 120 minute durations.

What does the excursion include?
Pickup in accommodations in the southern area of Gran Canaria.

In which season can this activity be done? 
In Gran Canaria, jet ski can be done year round.

Where does the activity take place? Do you pick me up? Where is the pick-up point?
This activity takes place on Mogan beach and Taurito beach. We have free pick-up at hotels in de Bahía Feliz, San Agustín, Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas, Meloneras, Arguineguin, Puerto Rico – Amadores and Playa del Cura for bookings  that have been made at least 24 hours in advance.  When booking, in step 1 select “pick-up at the hotel” under “additional services.”


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