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Hiking in Gran Canaria

Discover some of the most beautiful and spectacular sites in Gran Canaria by doing a hike. The care and traceability of the trails, the landscape diversity and the island’s yearlong spring climate make Gran Canaria a paradise for hikers.

hiking to Roque Nublo

Why go on guided hiking tours?

Even though you can hike on your own, we advise you to consider the guided tour option for these reasons:

  • Knowledge of the routes. The guides know the routes and each place you’ll visit perfectly. They’ll also give you, at times, some tips so you can go through the most difficult spots in the most appropriate way possible.
  • Information from the guides. The guides will offer you information about the vegetation, fauna and most outstanding sites that you’ll find during the tour.
  • Safety. Walk the trails calmly, accompanied by an expert guide trained as a mountaineering technician who knows the terrain well. 
  • Comfort. You just need to focus on booking and doing the tour. Everything else, including transportation, food, water, hiking poles, and a knowledgeable tour guide is included in the price.
  • Insurance. In case of any accident, you’ll be covered during the tour by insurance that covers both rescue and any type of incident that may occur.

guide explaining the tour


Place of tour departure 


Walking trails in Gran Canaria

Rambling excursion in Barranco de Veneguera 

Trail Barranco de Veneguera

Duration: 3 hours.

Days of the tour: Tuesdays.

Schedule: 10:00am till 1:00pm.

Starting point: Veneguera (town square).

Type of tour: Loop.

Difficulty level: 2 (Moderate).

On this hiking excursion, explore the Barranco de Veneguera ravine, one of the most spectacular and beautiful in southern Gran Canaria. Even though the ravine is more than 10 km long and reaches Veneguera Beach on the southwest coast of the island, we’ll only do what’s known as the circular path of Veneguera through La Cogolla.

Barrranco Veneguera por la Cogolla

The weather in this part of the island is usually benign, which allows you to do the tour under clear skies and temperatures, where winter temperatures oscillate between 13 and 24 degrees.

The route begins and ends in the main square of the charming town of Veneguera, which has just 700 inhabitants.


During the tour we’ll see avocado and mango plantations from nearby farms, as well as wild plants such as prickly pears and Canarian palm trees, typical of the southern part of the island.

Hiking Gran Canaria Veneguera

We’ll do the first part of the tour in the deepest area of the ravine, from where we’ll contemplate the huge steep walls that surround it.

trekking Gran Canaria

On one of these walls, we’ll see some colored stripes on the rock in a space known as Los Azulejos.

Los Azulejos

At the highest point of the route, in La Cogolla, we’ll reach 496 meters above sea level. At this point we’ll stop to eat, regain strength and take some splendid pictures of the ravine.

La Cogolla

From La Cogolla the way back is quite steep and technical but following the guide’s instructions and advice will facilitate your trip through this complicated area. 

hiking Playa del Ingles

The last part of the route is much easier, flatter and goes along wide paths and roads, so you can take the opportunity to chat and discuss your experience with your fellow travelers while enjoying the beautiful views of the palm groves near the town of Veneguera.

hiking tour gran canaria

In summary, the tour through the Barranco de Veneguera is a fun and technical excursion, with beautiful landscapes and which is usually done on sunny days with very pleasant temperatures.

Barrranco Veneguera por la Cogolla
sendero veneguera 16
sendero veneguera 18
sendero veneguera 4
sendero veneguera 14
sendero veneguera 5
sendero veneguera 13
sendero veneguera 12
sendero veneguera 9
sendero veneguera 20
Barrranco Veneguera por la Cogolla sendero veneguera 16 sendero veneguera 18 sendero veneguera 4 sendero veneguera 14 sendero veneguera 5 sendero veneguera 13 sendero veneguera 12 sendero veneguera 9 sendero veneguera 20

Recommendations. Not recommended for people with vertigo.


Rambling excursion to Roque Nublo

Roque Nublo trail

Duration: 3 hours.

Days of the tour: Thursdays.

Schedule: 10:30am till 1:30pm.

Starting point: Presa de los Hornos.

Type of tour: Loop.

Difficulty level: 2 (Moderate).

On this hiking excursion, discover Roque Nublo, a huge rock that’s 80 meters high and one of the most important natural symbols of Gran Canaria.

Roque Nublo rock

Even though the route aims to reach the base of Roque Nublo, located at an altitude of 1,750 meters above sea level, you’ll also be surprised by some of the landscapes found along the route.

hiking views

As we’ll skirt the Roque Nublo, you’ll be able to take pictures from different angles and heights. However, the picture from the esplanade, near the great rock, will undoubtedly be your most remembered image.

Roque Nublo base
On clear days we can see the peak of El Teide, Spain’s highest mountain, with 3718 meters above sea level, located on the island of Tenerife.

views of Teide

Throughout most of the route we’ll be surrounded by Canarian pines (pinus canariensis), typical trees for the island’s highlands, which can reach up to 25 meters. This and other information about the vegetation we’ll see will be provided by the guide.

pine forests

Also during the route we’ll be able to admire, from a certain distance, the other great rock on the island, Roque Bentayga, 68 meters high. And since the base of Roque Nublo is the second highest point on the island, from here we can also see the nearby towns of Ayacata and Tejeda and even the Aldea de San Nicolás, located on the western end of the island.

Senderismo vistas desde roque nublo

And just as impressive as the views we’ll see while touring on foot, are the landscapes that we’ll find during the transfer to the starting point. We’ll go through arid areas that are characteristic of the south of the island, through palm groves areas a little further north and through the pine forest areas at the center of the island, from where we’ll start our hike. 

ruta senderismo al Roque Nublo
Senderimo Roque Nublo 8
Senderimo Roque Nublo 12
Senderimo Roque Nublo 7
vistas del tour
Senderimo Roque Nublo 3
Senderimo Roque Nublo 5
ruta senderismo al Roque Nublo Senderimo Roque Nublo 8 Senderimo Roque Nublo 12 Senderimo Roque Nublo 7 vistas del tour Senderimo Roque Nublo 3 Senderimo Roque Nublo 5

In short, the Roque Nublo tour offers you the opportunity to reach the base of this great symbol of Gran Canaria while enjoying the magnificent views that you can get from visiting one of the highest spots on the island.


Read the frequently asked questions and bring warm clothing as the temperature during the tour can drop below 10 degrees.


Our clients' latest comments

Amanda M.January 2023

2 fantastic hiking days. We did the Roque Nublo route and the Barranco de los Cernícalos route with Mandred and loved the routes and the organization.

Hendrik K.January 2023

A great experience. This is the third year that we've gone hiking. Each route is different but the service is always very good.

Harry V.January 2023

Fantastic route to Roque Nublo. The views during the tour are amazing and we took more than 20 pictures.

Mary O.December 2022

A great hike. We went in a group of 8 hikers guided by Mandred and enjoyed some wonderful views of Mount Teide and Gran Canaria.

Marianne E.December 2022

We loved hiking Roque Nublo. The landscapes are beautiful and the guide was very attentive.

Kirsten F.December 2022

Excellent guide and hike. Lucas is very nice and very well-prepared. Thanks to him we really enjoyed the Barranco de los Cernícalos route.

Anna S.November 2022

Beautiful excursion and good organization.

Likka K.November 2022

Great experience. We enjoyed the group hike much more than if we'd done it alone. The guide's indications are very helpful during the route so we can do the walk safely.

Sonja M.November 2022

Amazing. We love to go hiking and we'd been to Gran Canaria twice although we'd never thought of hiking on the island. Thank you Manfred for a fantastic day.

Peter M.November 2022

We'll repeat it next year. It was the first time we visited Gran Canaria and booked the tour to Roque Nublo well in advance. We liked it so much that next year we plan to come and do a different route.

Erik W..October 2022

The best way to go hiking in Gran Canaria. Not knowing the routes and wanting to hike safely, we preferred to hire the group tour and it was the best option. Both Luis and the guides offered an excellent service and the route was incredible.

Pamela B.October 2022

Perfect but you have to book and plan ahead. I decided to go hiking once I was in Gran Canaria and I didn't have hiking shoes or a reservation. Thanks to the fact that Luis put me on a waiting list at the last minute and some clients failed, I was able to do the tour to the Valley of the Kestrels with my husband. The problem with the shoes was also solved for me and they allowed me to rent some for the tour. Everything was perfect and the Valley of the Kestrels was incredible.

Paul K.October 2022

100% recommended. From the moment we were picked up at our hotel in Puerto Rico until we got back, everything was perfect. The route, the views, the guide... thank you

Thomas R.October 2022

A fantastic week. We've done all 4 routes available and loved all 4. Thank you Luis, Lucas and Manfred for your service.

Daniel N.October 2022

Great service and hike. The views from Roque Nublo are incredible and the walk is super nice.

Anja T.September 2022

3 excursions in 3 years. We've done a different hike with Manfred every year and the service is always very good and he's both fun and helpful.

James S.September 2022

Good tour and a good atmosphere. We left in a group of 8 guided by Manfred who gave us information about the tour highlights and taught us techniques to make the excursion safer.

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Before choosing the route you want to book, we advise you to read some of the most frequently asked questions that we usually get:

What route should I do?

Choose the route that interests you most based on the type of landscapes, vegetation, degree of difficulty, duration of the route, day of tour departure and weather.

On the southern island routes, such as the Barranco de Veneguera route, good weather and clear days are almost guaranteed throughout most of the year. Partly cloudy days are more common on the routes done in the center and north of the island.

Can the routes vary depending on the time of year?

Yes. In summer, routes in the southern part of the island are avoided as it’s too hot.

What does the accident insurance cover?

Rescue and any type of incident.

How many people go with each guide?

The maximum number of customers per guide is 12.

How are the vehicles that will take me to the tour’s place of departure?

The vehicles used to transport you to the tour’s departure site are vans with a 9-seat capacity, including the driver.

In which languages are the excursions done?

Tours are done in English and German.

In which cases are excursions cancelled?

Excursions can be canceled due to adverse weather conditions, both due to storms and heavy rain throughout the island as well as high temperatures.

What clothes should I wear?

Clothing varies depending on the time of year, but, particularly in the winter months, we advise you to bring some warm clothing. Even when the coastal temperature may be 25 degrees Celsius, in the mountains temperatures can drop below 10 degrees.

Meanwhile, you’ll need to bring a hat and sunglasses to protect you from the sun and a backpack to carry your things, as well as the water and snack that you’ll get before the tour starts.

What footwear should I wear? What if I don't bring hiking shoes?

Bringing hiking shoes is mandatory. If you don’t have this type of footwear, you can rent a pair of hiking shoes when making the reservation and indicate your shoe size in the observation field.

Contact us with any questions. 

What physical requirements do I need to do the excursions?

Good physical condition.

Is there any type of limitation or restriction to doing the hiking tour?

Hiking is not suitable for people with limited mobility and pregnant women. The only age limitation is to be over 12 years old since we have hikers in good physical condition who are over 80.

If you have vertigo or any other problem that you think may condition you during the hike, contact us and we’ll advise you.

What’s the level of difficulty of the tours?

Normally the tours we offer have a medium level of difficulty.

What happens if it rains on the day of the tour?

Usually, if there are heavy rain forecasts in the place where the contracted route is carried out, the route will be changed to another area with better weather.

How far in advance should I book?

For the tours done in small groups, places are sold out quite easily, so you’ll need to book as far in advance as possible.

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