Glass bottom ferry Puerto Rico to Mogan

Take a pleasant boat trip along the south-west coast of Gran Canaria on board the Blue Bird Ferries. Enjoy the sun, the sea breeze, the scenery from the sea and relax on a boats trip.

Lineas Blue Bird move near the coast and the distances between the different stops are short. Discover cliffs, canyons, caves, solitary bays, marine life and touristic developments.
[cml_media_alt id='12943']barco desde el puerto de arguineguin[/cml_media_alt]
Enjoy magnificent views from different areas of the ship.

Take pictures from bow , stern, deck or from the comfort inside the boat, or even look through the glass bottom inside the ship.
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Encounter two of the most important tourist resorts of Gran Canaria: Puerto Rico and Puerto de Mogan.
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Enjoy a peaceful stroll along the quays, the streets and quiet beaches (full of activities).
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No timetable, no hurry, you choose when to leave and when to return. Blue Bird Lines offer you a flexible timetable so you can choose either to plan or improvise your day.


Recommendations to enjoy your trip:

  • Do not forget sunscreen and lip balm (sun and sea breeze).
  • Wear comfortable shoes, jacket and sunhat.
  • Sunglasses.

Do I have to book a return trip?
No. You only need to select and book the outward journey because the return trip remains open, allowing you to return whenever you like, during the day, to the original harbour.

How long can I stay in the destination harbour?
You can choose to return to the original harbour at any time. Simply go to the harbour and catch the first Líneas Blue Bird returning to the original harbour.

How long does the journey take?
The journey from Puerto Rico to Puerto de Mogán takes 30 minutes.

Can travellers stop in different ports on the way to the destination?
Passengers can disembark at the intermediate stops made during the trip, which they have paid for, and once again board any of the subsequent departures to continue to the destination port.

Are people in wheelchairs able to do your tours?
If the client’s mobility is zero, the service should be confirmed with the company before confirming the booking. The possibility of making a trip in these conditions depends on the chosen journey and the boat that covers the route.

If the client’s mobility is reduced, but they are able to walk 5 metres with the help of personnel, they can do any journey.

Neither scooters nor electric wheelchairs may come on-board.

What does the boat trip include?
The boat trip includes just that, the boat trip and the ability to stop and explore all of the places where there are stops along the way to the final destination port.

What precautions should I take into account when preparing for the boat ride?
We recommend taking the following measures:

  • Take action against seasickness, because, although the journey is short and very close to the coast, if you are not accustomed to being in a boat you can have a bit of seasickness.
  • Wear sunscreen and some type of hat.
  • Wear appropriate clothing according to the weather on the day of the tour.


What happens if the boat does not leave because of adverse weather conditions? Would I lose my booking? Can it be exchanged for another day? In case of cancellation or changes, how will you alert me?

If unforeseen circumstances make it necessary to cancel the service, under no circumstances will the client lose their booking. You can opt to make the trip another day or be refunded 100% of the booking. By providing us with your email when booking, we will be able to contact you thusly in order to inform you of the situation.

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