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Vip Tour Gran Canaria

On this private van tour, discover the best-kept secrets of Gran Canaria.

The size of our acclimatised vans and their 8-person seating capacity makes this mode of transport suitable for setting out on a guided tour of Gran Canaria. We will tour narrow and winding roads, inaccessible to bus tours, in order to discover spectacular places while we inform you of the history, culture, flora and fauna of the island.

So that the excursion is as pleasant and comfortable as possible, in the van there will only be people of two nationalities, so that the guide only has to speak in two languages and everything will be much smoother.

Our tour begins by departing from Playa del Inglés toward Soria Valley. During this part of the journey, observe endemic plants and the palms typical of Gran Canaria, whose palms (Phoenix canariensis) are the symbol of the archipelago.

Our first stop will be in the small town of Soria, located 600 metres above sea level. Take the opportunity to go to Presa de Soria (Soria Dam) and take some pictures, since it is one of the grandest of the Canaries.

Our next objective is another hydraulic work, the Presa de las Niñas, which we will see before arriving in the city of Ayacata. Certainly, if you do this excursion in January or February, you will discover why that city is known as the Almond Blossom, since you will be amazed to see more than 12,000 almond trees in bloom.

Following our drive to Tejeda, we will make a stop to contemplate one of the icons of Gran Canaria, the Roque Nublo (Clouded Rock), a volcanic rock 69 metres in height and venerated by the ancient inhabitants of the island. At this stop you will also be able to see the other great rock of the island, Roque Bentayga. And in the distance, if the weather is clear, you will see the peak of Teide, which at 3,718 metres high dominates the entire island of Tenerife.

From here we will follow the road to Tejeda, which is the highest point that we will visit on this journey and also one of the most beautiful, since Tejeda is among the list of most beautiful towns in Spain. We will also take the opportunity to enter the Centre of Medicinal Plants and discover unexpected infusions for better health. After this interesting stop, we will return to the van to continue the guided tour toward Artenara and the spectacular Hondo Valley.

Along the Artenara road, and on the way to Juncalillo, we will see the façades of numerous cave-like houses, typical of the area. Very close to Juncalillo, you will be able to see the lovely Tamadaba Pine (Pinus canariensis).
Cave house in Juncalillo
Once in Juncalillo, we will enter a small and curious hermitage that is actually a cave excavated from the rock. In the end, the time passes quickly and it will be time to eat, so we will head toward Fontales in order to sample some of the most typical dishes of the Canaries.
Hermitage-cave in Juncalillo
After eating, we will continue our route through El Laurel Valley to the Tilos de Moya. Observe, during this journey, how the narrow road is surrounded by leafy vegetation, a landscape well-distinguished from the previous sights.

At the town of Moya, we will have a final stop to visit its extraordinary urban centre, dominated by the imposing church of Our Lady of the Candelaria and the gorgeous Moya Valley. Without realizing it, we will have arrived at the northern part of the island, so we will head to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in order to return to our hotels in the south.

The contrasts and secrets of Gran Canaria are probably what will remain in your memory of this excursion which, thanks to its character and personalized service, we hope you believe is one of your best memories of our island.


  • Take precautions if you think that you could be carsick as a result of the curving roads.
  • Wear closed shoes and clothes appropriate for cold weather.



Our clients' latest comments

Jessica A.December 2023

Very different to the Gran Canaria I expected. Spectacular contrasts in climate and landscapes. I didn’t imagine the island was so green and pretty.

Matthew T.December 2023

Great environment and beautiful journey. Thanks to guide Jonathan who made us feel like part of the family and the route we took was excellent seeing stunning countryside. If I had to choose a trip highlight, it would the Tilos de Moya part of the journey. Thank you.

Lewis H.December 2023

Nature in Gran Canaria. We looked for a trip off the beaten track in Gran Canaria and we loved seeing the variety and beauty of the the countryside and of Gran Canarian nature.

Amy A.December 2023

We saw a small continent. Now I understand the nickname for the island. The contrasts!! The only snag was that there were a few moments when I felt a little sick due to all the corners we took.

Ryan K.December 2023

Diversity. We could ser and experience the big changes in vegetation, scenery and climate in the different areas of the island. Very beautiful.

Liam B.December 2023

It was worth it for the trio itself with its beautiful scenery as well as the family atmosphere you feel during the truck journey.

Charlotte M.November 2023

Very charming. If you like nature and are looking for a different type of tour in Gran Canaria, you have to go on this one. The valleys and countryside were impressive as weel as the cave houses.

William W.November 2023

Like a private tour. We went on the truck with other Spaniard and as much for the overall feel of the tour as much as the amazing scenery, this was the best day of our holiday.

Benjamin W.November 2023

Totally recommended. We were impressed by all the countryside throughout the whole journey and the variety of plants and countryside.

Katie L.November 2023

Excellent if you don’t get travel sick. The route is very pretty but I had a tough time due to the amounts of corners and turns there were. They should recommend taking something for the travel sickness.

Murtaza H.November 2023

Strongly recommended! The excursion is a must to understand the depth of this beautiful island. Our tour guide Marco was friendly and shared loads of information about the island, its various region, climate, nature and many more. It was interesting to learn about the cave houses and experience the tiny villages and their history. We experienced typical Canary lunch at Fontalys and it was great.!

Katja LappiNovember 2023

It was all worth it. In this trip you get to know real Gran Canaria. Our guide was very nice, and tell’s all the time things about every places. Don’t take the big bus trips, they just can’t take you all the real places.

IrinaNovember 2023

One of the best trip I ever have. Very friendly and entertaining guide. We was making a lot of stops and enjoying absolutely amazing views and beautiful scenery. If you like to see real Gran Canaria not only like a beach destination and tourist areas, but stunning mountain views and a bit scary mountain roads, this is clearly the trip for you. The dinner part of the trip was great as well. We enjoyed every minute of that day.


Harry T.October 2023

Impressive. I took the trip with a friend and even him, who thought he knew the island very well was suprised by some of the ravines and landscapes that we saw.

Callum G.October 2023

Highly recommended if you already know Gran Canaria. It doesn’t take you down the typical routes to just to well-known places. Here we discovered totally different side of Gran Canaria, very green with some breath-taking scenery.

Hannah M.October 2023

Nothing like the touristy areas. It is worth going on this trip in order to really get to know the island. You will be surprised. I loved the cave houses, the valleys, the narrow road part of the journey and the countryside. Highly recomended.

Luke R.October 2023

Impressive scenery. We saw palm groves, ravines, views of Roque Nublo, Roque Bantayga and even the Reide and the crater. Very beautiful.

Bethany L.October 2023

Very Friendly. The guide made many stops to show us the most interesting sights throughout the journey. Thanks Luis for ensuring we had a great time.

Alex WOctober 2023

Excellent tour, lovely scenery, a little hair raising on some of the roads, but the minibus was well suited to these roads and our driver/guide was brilliant. Very friendly, on our lunch we had a great meal and drinks included, all around a great tour!! 5 star!!!

Linda G.October 2023

Fantastic day from start to finish! Fabio was our driver who was very informative and entertaining. It was wonderful to see parts of the Island that you wouldn't normally see on your typical coach tour as being a smaller minibus able to go more into the centre of the Island, to see more authentic Canadian life. Particularly enjoyed reading and seeing the history regarding the cave houses!! Lunch was included and more than enough with lovely traditional dishes, special thanks too for providing my daughter with a gluten free meal as well. Highly recommend ☺

Chloe S.September 2023

Incredible scenery. I went with my husband to do something different from the routine in the south of the island and I was so impressed by the different types of landscapes within such a small area. I took away with us some fantastic memories from the tour.

Emily J.September 2023

The continent in miniature. Impressive to go through arid zones and then areas with so much greenery and vegetation. Beautiful ravines and stunning views. Take preventative measures if you get travel sick as there are many twists and turns.

Jack W.September 2023

Private tour. Jonathan the guide looked after us excellently and made the 3 of us couples feel like we were on an exclusive and private tour in the truck. The countryside was amazing and I was suprised especially by all the houses in the caves and the valleys which we travelled through

Thomas J.September 2023

Family tour. The tour enviroment was as nice as the places we travelled through. We were impressed by the lush greenery of the northern areas of the island and the spectacular valleys we crossed.

James B.September 2023

Stunning contrasts. We were stuck by how much the scenery in Gran Canaria changed in just a few hours. We went from hot to cold with clear skies the first parte of the journey and then we went through a really rainy region only to finish the day with cloudless skies again when returning to Maspalomas

Daniel W.September 2023

Recommended. I have been on other guided tours in Gran Canaria but the places we went through and the constant change in vegetation, climate and scenery throughout the journey really impressed me.

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