Vip Tour in a van with chauffeur/guide

Discover the most spectacular corners and hidden natural treasures of Gran Canaria on this exclusive small-group excursion with personalized service. Explore lesser-known spots and immerse yourself in the island’s authentic beauty.
Paisaje de Gran Canaria
Our climate-controlled vans, with an 8-person seating capacity, are perfect for embarking on a guided tour of Gran Canaria. We will navigate narrow and winding roads that are inaccessible to buses, uncovering spectacular sites while sharing insights about the island’s history, culture, flora, and fauna.
Van - furgontas - minibus
To ensure the excursion is as pleasant and comfortable as possible, each van will accommodate guests of only two nationalities. This way, the guide will only need to speak in two languages, making the experience smoother for everyone.

Our tour begins by departing from Playa del Inglés toward Soria Valley. During this part of the journey, observe endemic plants and the palms typical of Gran Canaria, whose palms (Phoenix canariensis) are the symbol of the archipelago.
Palmerales - palm gloves
Our first stop will be in the small town of Soria, located 600 metres above sea level. Take the opportunity to go to Presa de Soria (Soria Dam) and take some pictures, since it is one of the bigest of the Canaries.

Our next destination is another remarkable hydraulic feat, the Presa de las Niñas, which we’ll visit before reaching the charming city of Ayacata. If you embark on this excursion in January or February, you will understand why Ayacata is nicknamed the “Almond Blossom town” Prepare to be mesmerized by the sight of over 12,000 almond trees in full bloom.almendros en flor
After our journey to Tejeda, we’ll pause to admire one of Gran Canaria’s iconic landmarks, the Roque Nublo (Clouded Rock), an imposing volcanic formation standing at 80 meters tall and revered by the island’s ancient inhabitants. During this stop, you’ll also glimpse another significant rock formation, Roque Bentayga. On clear days, you’ll be treated to a distant view of the towering peak of Teide, standing at 3,718 meters, which dominates the entirety of Tenerife.

Roque Bentayga
Next, we’ll journey along the road to Tejeda, the highest point on our itinerary and renowned as one of the most picturesque locales on the island. Tejeda boasts a place among Spain’s most beautiful towns. During our visit, we’ll explore the Centre of Medicinal Plants, uncovering surprising infusions for improved health. Following this intriguing stop, we’ll rejoin the van to proceed with our guided tour towards Artenara and the breathtaking Hondo Valley.
Along the Artenara road, and on the way to Juncalillo, we will see the façades of numerous cave-like houses, typical of the area. Very close to Juncalillo, you will be able to see the lovely Tamadaba Pine (Pinus canariensis).
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Once in Juncalillo, we will enter a small and curious hermitage that is actually a cave excavated from the rock. In the end, the time passes quickly and it will be time to eat, so we will head toward Fontales in order to sample some of the most typical dishes of the Canaries.
Ermita Juncalillo
After eating, we will continue our route through El Laurel Valley to the Tilos de Moya. Observe, during this journey, how the narrow road is surrounded by leafy vegetation, a landscape well-distinguished from the previous sights.
Tilos de Moya
At the town of Moya, we will have a final stop to visit its extraordinary urban centre, dominated by the imposing church of Our Lady of the Candelaria and the gorgeous Moya Valley. Without realizing it, we will have arrived at the northern part of the island, so we will head to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to return to our hotels in the south.
Barranco de Moya- Moya Ravine
The contrasts and secrets of Gran Canaria are probably what will remain in your memory of this excursion which, thanks to its character and personalized service, we hope you believe is one of your best memories of our island.


  • Take precautions if you think that you could be carsick as a result of the curving roads.
  • Wear closed shoes and clothes appropriate for cold weather.

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