Can-am tour through southern Gran Canaria

Enjoy one of the best days of your vacation by taking a Can-am Ryker excursion in Gran Canaria. Fun, culture, nature, and breathtakinglandscapes are guaranteed on this route.

Can-am ausflug

Can-am Rykers are comfortable, safe, automatic, and easy-to-drive vehicles, ideal for enjoying Gran Canaria’s good weather all year round while discovering some of the most beautiful and spectacular spots on the island.

Barranco de Termisas

The route takes you along secondary asphalt roads, with little traffic and stretches full of curves, where you can have fun driving the Can-am while admiring two of the most impressive ravines in southern Gran Canaria.

Barranco de Guayadeque canam

During the tour, we’ll make several stops to walk to some prominent locations where the guide will inform us about the history and significance of each point we visit.

Can-am guiaCan-am guide

These stops include viewpoints, caves, and other places that may surprise you with their beauty, history, or uniqueness. For example, we’ll approach the island’s most well-known plane, located at the Aeroclub aerodrome.

avion aeroclub

Crossing the Temisas Ravine, we will find palm grove areas and the Roque de Aguayro, a large rock that crowns the ravine, with its peak reaching 542 meters in altitude.

Roque de AguayroBarranco de Termisa

We will visit the historic center of one of the most charming towns on the island, the town of Agüimes, both by Can-am and on foot. Take in its square, its narrow cobbled streets, its typical Canarian architecture one-story houses, and its church.


When visiting Agüimes, you will also notice its numerous bronze statues of people or animals, which, due to their notoriety or significance, have been important to the town.

Estatua de Camello en Aguimes

The Guayadeque Ravine is one of the most spectacular and popular in Gran Canaria. Probably a favorite of the islanders to have a meal and enjoy its beauty and tranquility.

Barranco de Guayadeque

In this ravine, we will have lunch in a restaurant located inside a large cave. If the weather allows, we will taste some Canarian dishes on the terrace while contemplating the ravine. Otherwise, we will enjoy our meal inside the cave.

Barranco de Guayadeque restaurantGuayadeque restaurante

After lunch, we will take a walk through the upper area of the Guayadeque Ravine where, if we are lucky, we may visit some inhabited cave houses before beginning our journey back to the starting point.

Mirador Barranco de Guayadeque

We hope that, at the end of the tour and upon returning to your accommodation, you’ll leave with the feeling of having enjoyed one of the best moments of your vacation in Gran Canaria.


  • Drivers: Must have held a valid driver’s license for more than 4 years and present their original valid driver’s license.
  • Passengers: Minimum age of 12 years.


  • lways wear warm clothing to protect yourself from the wind.
  • Bring sunglasses.


** We can enjoy this tour in Gran Canaria thanks to Oliver Keller’s vision and dedication.

Starting point: Calle Puntarenas 18, El Tablero


canam gran canaria


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