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Stag Party Plans

Plans for stag and hen parties in Gran Canaria

Enjoy the good weather, wonderful beaches, and various plans for stag and hen parties in Gran Canaria.

stag party gran canaria

Most of the activities for stag and hen parties proposed are done in the southern part of the island. Therefore, if you are staying in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria or another location in the central and northern parts of the island, you will need to find a way to get to the southern area on your own. The best option is renting a car or taking various public bus routes.

In addition to the options offered to enjoy Canarian cuisine and nightlife, our proposal focuses on the activities that most groups of singles demand to celebrate their stag or hen parties on the island.

Boat Tours

If you are interested in enjoying a boat tour with your friends, here are three options:

1. Boat Party

Fun is guaranteed on a 4-hour boat party with a DJ, entertainment, open bar for water, beer, and sangria, food, banana boat ride, and a festive atmosphere so you can enjoy one of the most unforgettable moments of your stag or hen party in Gran Canaria.

boat party puerto rico2.

2. Private Boat Charter with Crew

If you want a more intimate and relaxed boat outing with your group of friends, you can hire private yachts with crews ranging from 8 to 70 seats.

3. Leisure Boat Trips

Even though it is the least demanded option, you can inquire about the various organized leisure boat trip options available on the island.

Buggy Tours

Buggy safaris are one of the most requested daytime tour activities for groups of friends who want to experience adrenaline, fun, and driving.

We offer two types of tours: a fully off-road buggy tour that takes place on dirt and rocky paths, and a buggy outing that combines driving on asphalt roads and dirt paths.

For both options, to drive you need to have a valid driver’s license with at least 2 years of experience. If there are two people in one buggy, you can take turns driving as long as both drivers have 2 years of driving experience. Another requirement for groups is to bring a credit card to serve as a guarantee during the tour.

**Important note: Buggy tours are always conducted respecting the environment.

Jet Ski Tours and Rentals

Adrenaline and fun are guaranteed on a jet ski. You can choose to rent jet skis to ride in a buoy-limited circuit or go on a jet ski tour along the coast.

To ride a jet ski, you only need to be of legal age; no driver’s license is required.


Parasailing at over 100 meters will be one of the craziest and most relaxing experiences that you’ll undoubtedly remember from your stag or hen party.

Jeep Tours

If you are looking for some adventure and want to explore the central and southern parts of the island, a jeep tour is a good alternative. Driver by a chauffeur, you and up to 6 friends can ride in the same jeep. The route takes you through places that are only accessible by these types of vehicles, and the landscapes are impressive.

Water Park

Spending a day sliding down water slides at a water park in Maspalomas is an equally fun option for a group outing where, in addition to sunbathing, you can enjoy various attractions.

Airsoft Battle

Experience the feeling of games like Call of Duty in an airsoft battle on a spectacular battlefield with tanks, combat vehicles, trenches, and even a crashed plane. Team up with your friends and fight against other groups or among yourselves, as up to 80 people can participate in a single battle.

In conclusion, we offer plans so you can celebrate the best stag and hen parties in Gran Canaria and live experiences that you will surely remember for the rest of your life.