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Gran Canaria Buggy Safary - 100% offroad

Enjoy a magnificent day with a buggy excursion in Gran Canaria. For 2 hours you’ll enjoy driving and be reparer to experience one of the most cherished moments of your stay on the island.
Buggy tour in Gran Canaria
You need no experience, just a desire to have a good time.

Have fun on this buggy safari alone or with friends. If two people go in one buggy and both have a driver’s license, you can take turns driving so that both of you can enjoy the adrenaline and fun of driving these vehicles. If your companion can’t drive, don’t worry; they will enjoy the same sensations as you.
buggies maspalomas playa del ingles
For security reasons and in order to give personalized treatment to our clients, we set out in groups of no more than 10 buggies.
buggy safari
We will pick you up for free in Maspalomas, Playa del Inglés, Puerto Rico and any other area in southern Gran Canaria.

buggi safari

In our buggy excursions, more than 100% of the route is off road, along dirt and gravel roads, which makes the drive even more fun.
buggy safari in Gran Canaria
Thanks to the design and characteristics of our buggy, including its impressive cushioning and spectacular pneumatic tires, what would be a hard and dangerous journey for a normal car becomes an entertaining and safe adventure.
But in addition, our buggy trip allows you to get in touch with nature and enjoy some magnificent views throughout the journey. Take the opportunity to take photos of ravines, tourist areas and the southern coast of Gran Canaria.
buggy trips Gran Canaria
In short, our buggy excursions can be summed up in three words: fun, adventure and safety. If this is what you’re looking for, that’s what we offer.

We recommend that you come with closed shoes, comfortable clothes and a light jacket, since these vehicles have no windows. We’ll loan you special glasses and a handkerchief to protect yourself from dust, but we recommend that you not wear your best clothes, since you’ll end up dusty.

Practical information: 

  • Minimum age for companion: 7 years and 135 cm tall.
  • Parental consents for minors necessary
  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult
  • Driving license necessary and 2 years of experience.
  • Not recommended for pregnant women
  • Eyewear for driving buggies
  • Clothes to wear:
    • Comfortable clothes
    • Jacket depending on season
    • Sunglasses, high protection sunscreen
    • Closed shoes or sports shoes

Driving glasses to protect yourself from getting dust in your face
Bottle of water


Our clients' latest comments

Kieran M.September 2022

So much fun. We drove to Puerto Rico and the whole way was off road. Super fun.

Leah R.September 2022

Anti-stress therapy. For almost two hours we drove down a road full of stones and instead of riding the brakes, we drove as fast as we could.

Alice R.September 2022

Very fun and well organized. We were picked up at our hotel in Playa Ingles and the service was excellent the whole time. It was fantastic!

Laura B.September 2022

Really fun experience. Driving the buggy was really easy and we were able to push it to the limit on the off-road part.

Jamie B.September 2022

Amazing! The views of Puerto Rico were just the appetizer and the other scenery of the route featured impressive rocks and earth that would not be accessible in any other type of vehicle.

Brandon W.September 2022

Lots of fun. I went with 3 friends to do something different in Gran Canaria and we loved the experience so much. Driving the buggies around was great fun.

Shannon R.August 2022

Fantastic. I love riding on buggies and this was one of the best excursions that I've done. 100% recommended

Caitlin T.August 2022

Lots of fun. The best part of my stay on Maspalomas. We felt like children zooming around on the off-road areas.

Connor P.August 2022

Excellent. Unlike other places where they let you hire buggies, in Gran Canaria the trips are with a small group and with a defined route. Well worth it.

Jade P.August 2022

Wonderful! You don't need experience to ride a buggy. They're easy to handle and you'll have a great time.

Chloe M.August 2022

Impressive buggy tour. Besides being a lot of fun, we could enjoy some spectacular views of the cliffs and beaches in Southern Gran Canaria.

Anna R.August 2022

I'll say it again. The best way to pump adrenaline and have fun. Driving is easy as the buggies stick to the terrain of stones and dirt.

Dylan P.August 2022

Great adventure. If you are looking to have fun, I don't think there is any better plan than to do this tour. Well worth it!

Cameron E.July 2022

Great with a group of friends. We booked three buggies between six people and had an awesome time. We took turns riding and everyone enjoyed the tour.

Nathan E.July 2022

It's like a child's toy. It took a long time and wasn't that fun. Also, we got really dirty and finished the tour covered in dust.

Michael C.July 2022

Spectacular route and great service. They picked us up in Maspalomas and took us to Taurito to do the excursion. Once we were there, the route was fantastic. Super fun.

Ethan H.July 2022

Magnificent adventure. The part on the asphalt with views of the coast up to Puerto Rico was okay, but the off-road part was amazing. The best anti-stress activity.

Charlie W.July 2022

Perfect day out in Playa Ingles. They collect you from the hotel and you have the best 2.5 hours of your vacation driving like maniacs on the buggies.

Jasmine T.July 2022

Really good! The service is friendly and the tour is spectacular. The best buggy safari I've ever done.

Sarah P.July 2022

Great gift for the family. I bought this tour to go on with my husband and two children and it was the best idea ever.

Amelia J.June 2022

I had so much fun that I didn't care that I came back covered in dirt.

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The buggy facilities are located just 100 meters from Aeroclub Restaurant.

We will indicate you on the voucher, if you want to come by yourselves (and do not want to be picked up in your hotel), the exact place. 

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