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Gran Canaria Dolphin and Whale watching trip

Enjoy a lovely boat excursion to see dolphins in Gran Canaria. Although throughout the excursion we will be able to enjoy seeing dolphins, whales and other types of cetaceans, only dolphin sightings are guaranteed. This means that if we return to port without seeing dolphins (which isn’t probable since the sighting percentage is over 90%), we will give you a ticket so that you can repeat the trip at any time during your holiday.
dolphin tours Gran Canaria
The boat on which we will be having this pleasant adventure, which lasts for approximately 2.5 hours and departs from Puerto Base in Puerto Rico, is a beautiful, comfortable and roomy catamaran designed for dolphin and whale watching. Although it is 30 metres long, 12 wide and has a capacity for 240 passengers, for your comfort you will only be accompanied by a maximum of 200 people during the tour.
Supercat tour
The abundant plankton on the coasts of Gran Canaria, hauled in by the so-called “Canary Current,” means that we can find 29 species of cetaceans just 12 miles from the coast. Rough whales, sperm whales, orcas, beaked whales, pilot whales, humpbacks and various types of dolphins are some of the cetaceans that can potentially be seen.
dolphin cruise
Enjoy seeing large pods of dolphins accompanying us on part of our journey. Observe the spotted, striped, common or bottlenose dolphins jumping and playing alongside us. Take photos or videos of your experience with the dolphins in their natural environment.
Maspalomas - playa del ingles dolphins
To respect the environment and to avoid stressing the dolphins, we never let the same pod of dolphins follow the boat for more than 20 minutes.
boat dolphin tour in Puerto Rico
But in addition to the main goal of our excursion, dolphin watching, our great catamaran will provide you with a nice boat ride. Relax in its wide cabin, seated on its comfortable chairs or enjoying a drink on the lower part of the boat, where its large bar lounge is located.
dolphin and wale trips gran canaria
In short, this excursion to see dolphins in Gran Canaria offers you a unique experience, with unforgettable moments that we hope will become some of your best memories of your stay on the island.
dolphin boat excursion


Dolphin watching guaranteed

Dolphins are usually seen on 90% of outings.  If no dolphins, whales or other cetaceans are seen during the boat outing, the crew will give you a ticket to come back at another time. Money will not be refunded. If you want the transfer service, you will have to pay 6 euros per person

Whale watching

Whale watching in Gran Canaria isn’t as common as seeing dolphins. It’s actually quite rare.

As dolphins tend to be closer to the surface and approach boats, whales only come to the surface to breathe, so they’re harder to spot.



Bring sunscreen, also for lips (sea breeze and sun), comfortable clothes and shoes, sunhat and sun glasees.
Take medication against sea sickness (if applicable).

* For operational or safety reasons, the ship can exceptionally dock on the way back in Puerto de Mogán and from there transfer clients by bus to Puerto Rico or to the client’s pick-up point.


Our clients' latest comments

Daniel J.December 2023

Perfect to go with children. The ship is big and comfortable. Us and the children loved the experience.

Samantha M.December 2023

I'd recommend it. From the moment they picked us up at the hotel until they dropped us back, the service was very good. We enjoyed the ship, and above all seeing the dolphins up so close.

Janine S.December 2023

A must if you go to Gran Canaria. I think if you go to Canaria you have to enjoy the experience of seeing the dolphins around the ship, jumping and enjoying their natural habitat. 

Joana L.December 2023

Great plan even if the weather is bad. The day we went there it was raining and we were about to not go, but we are glad we decided to go. I think it was the best day of vacationing in Gran Canaria with my children. We loved the whole tour.

HariDecember 2023

Very nice trip out to see and then chase the Dolphins. The Dolphins were elusive but our venture chased round and round until we caught a good glimpse of a few Dolphins leaping out off the water. My kids felt sea sick and so did I, but the pain ended with a valiant gain of viewing some fins flying around. Value for money when you consider the time dedicated to finding the Marine life. Thank you very much for a memorable experience.

Pieter NDecember 2023

Lovely tour; worth the money. The whole trip was well organized; on-time pick-up from the hotel by bus, modern and comfortable boat. The crew managed to bring us to a big group of dolphins that would hang around and play around the boat for at least half an hour. It was amazing!



Lorna O.November 2023

Incredible moment. We were surrounded by a big pod of two or three different species of dolphins, and we got to see a whale in the distance.

Tina L.November 2023

It's really good if you don't get dizzy. They advised me about taking Dimenhydrinate or something similar because the Supercat goes far from the coast, but I didn't listen and didn't get to enjoy the experience as much as my friends. However, following the precautions, I'd recommend it 100%

Berfin G.November 2023

Sighting guaranteed. I go every year that I go to Gran Canaria, and up to now we see dolphins each time, only once we saw a whale. 

Marelle H.November 2023

Nice if you don't get dizzy. I didn't think the ship would move so much, and I got really dizzy so the ride wasn't so good for me.

James R.November 2023

We will be back. We liked the experience so much that we went there twice in one week, and we will be back when we go to Gran Canaria again.

Dave SNovember 2023

Wonderful experience would certainly recommend to all. Great friendly crew easily arranged pick up and drop off very easy. A wonderful time onboard the boat. Wonderful to see dolphins up close and even saw a turtle. Wonderful Day

EmilienNovember 2023

Pick up by the hour near our hotel. Staff on board friendly, well explained activity. Boat really beautiful and comfortable (in comparison with other). Duration of the perfect cruise: a lot of time to relax and about twenty minutes to watch the dolphins. I really appreciated the respect of animal welfare (observation without getting too close, in a limited time). Nice cruise back along the coast. Only small negative point: the photo-souvenir is too expensive (10 €). Very nice activity.  

Julie H.November 2023

Super pretty. We were surrounded my dolphins for a long time.

Jan G.November 2023

Amazing. We saw a lot of dolphins close to the ship, and a whale in the distance.

Lewis M.November 2023

Relaxation and nature. We enjoyed the ride in the ship and we were surrounded by different types of dolphins for about 15 minutes.

Kamila B.November 2023

Good experience, but watch out, you might get dizzy. We were 12 miles away from the coast, and even though the ship is very big, I got so dizzy I could barely  enjoy the tour.  Take something before so you can enjoy the tour. 

MariiNovember 2023

The experience was good, we saw dolphins. Sadly they weren’t very active during that day and couldn’t get good pictures.



TanvirNovember 2023

it was a fantastic trip. i am satisfied. i will recommend to others. very flexible service



Carol L.October 2023

Great family plan. We went the 5 of us to do something different, and without any expectations. It surprised us, and we loved seeing the dolphins so close to us.

Mark B.October 2023

Great day. We enjoyed the whole tour on our way to see the dolphins.

Ryan C.October 2023

Awesome. My husband and I had done this Supercat tour five years ago and wanted to repeat the experience. The service, ship and experience of seeing so many dolphins were amazing. 

Thomas C.October 2023

Impressive. The best tour to see dolphins in Puerto Rico. Besides, the ship is very large and we were sitting in very comfortable armchair that seemed hammocks.  

LauraOctober 2023

The trip itself is fantastic! The Supercat is a great boat and they don't overfill like other boat trips I've been on, so everyone gets a very comfortable seat. We also saw lots of dolphins in their natural habitat! You do get one soft drink per person and you can pay extra for an alcoholic beverage but bring your own snacks!  

KatarinaOctober 2023

Very helpful and smiley crew. Everything worked properly. The crew was especially nice to small children and elderly guests.



Frankie TOctober 2023

Fantastic experience, lovely boat with plenty of space and friendly staff. Staff made a noticeable effort to find dolphins and we were lucky enough to spot 2 groups. Only comment Would be that this is not suitable for anyone who gets sea sickness as the oceans off of the island is very choppy  

Kimberley M.October 2023

Good service. We went there one day, but we didn't see anything, so they gave us a ticket for another day when we got see lots of dolphins.

Ricky T.October 2023

The best part of my vacations. I saw several dolphins and whales species. Incredible. 

Gabrielle D.October 2023

We had to go twice. We had bad luck the first time because even though we saw a whale for 10 seconds, we didn't see any dolphins. They gave us a free ticket and we decided to go two days later. Then we got to see a lot of dolphins around the ship. Incredible.

Lorraine M.October 2023

Best ship in Puerto Rico to see dolphins. It is very big and very comfortable, and I've gone in the Supercat 3 times already, and up to now we always find pods of common dolphins and other cetaceans. 

Caroline B.October 2023

Excellent excursion, saw loads of dolphins, the boat is super comfy and the tour guide was great - couldn’t fault this trip - well worth it!



Katie M.October 2023

We loved the Dolphin Watching. Big comfy boat, friendly guide and we saw sooooo many dolphins. We would highly recommend the trip.



Craig D.October 2023

what a fabulous experience, we booked the day before online and found the whole experience great, great value for money, Maria our guide was fantastic, as was the captain and his staff, we saw dolphins and sea turtles and enjoyed a small tour of the coast. recommended to all, we are going again next year.


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Our great catamaran has its base in the harbor of Puerto Rico (Puerto Base), in the Southwest of Gran Canaria.

If you are staying in Bahía Feliz, San Agustin, Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas, Meloneras, Arguineguin, Taurito or Mogan you can choose, when booking (under “additional services”), the free shuttle from your hotel.



What are the chances of whale watching in Gran Canaria?
Whale watching in Gran Canaria isn’t as common as seeing dolphins. It’s actually quite rare.

As dolphins tend to be closer to the surface and approach boats, whales only come to the surface to breathe, so they’re harder to spot.

What’s the chance of dolphin watching?
Dolphins are usually seen on 90% of outings.

What happens if I don’t see any cetaceans?
Spotting cetaceans is guaranteed so if no dolphins or other cetaceans are seen during the boat outing, the crew will give you a ticket to come back at another time. Money will not be refunded. If you want the transfer service, you will have to pay 6 euros per person.

How long in advance should I book?
Due to what was stated in the previous question, we recommend booking for one of the first days of your visit to Gran Canaria, that way if you don’t get to see cetaceans on your first strip, you’ll at least get a second chance to do the dolphin tour

Can you swim with the dolphins?
No, in Gran Canaria it isn’t only dangerous to swim with dolphins, it’s completely forbidden.

How long will we spend with the dolphins?
Usually, we don’t spend more than 5 or 10 minutes with a group of dolphins so we don’t stress them out. We spend almost the entire boat ride looking for cetaceans.

How long in advance do I have to be on the boat if I come on my own?
If you come on your own, you need to be at the boat at least 50 minutes before boarding.

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