Visit the Barranco de las Vacas, Caldera de Tirajana, and Ansite Fortress

Visit three of the most spectacular ravines on the island, one of the most charming villages in Gran Canaria, and the last bastion of the Canarian aborigines before they were conquered by the Kingdom of Castile (now part of Spain).

Fortaleza de Ansite

Embark on this tour in small groups and with personalized attention. Explore the island in comfortable vans, perfect for navigating the winding and narrow roads of southern Gran Canaria. Let an expert guide inform you about the highlights of the excursion, its history, traditions, gastronomy, flora, and culture.

Guía - guide
The first stop of the tour will be at the Guriete Viewpoint, from where we will have some magnificent views of the arid and vertical walls that surround the Caldera de Tirajana.

Barranco de Tirajana

From the Guriete Viewpoint, we will also have our first contact with the Ansite Fortress and its surroundings, located amidst the Tirajana Ravine.

Caldera de Tirajana

In the ravine, we will also find the first of the palm groves that we will see along the route. These clusters of Canarian palm trees (Phoenix canariensis) stand out amidst the desert areas typical of the southern area of the island. 

Palmerales - palm trees

At the second stop, visit the small village of Santa Lucía de Tirajana, one of the most charming villages on the island.

Santa Lucía de Tirajana

Stroll through its streets and observe the traditional Canarian architecture on the facades of its houses, where the white colour contrasts with the stones that adorn them.

Santa Lucia de Tirajana

As characteristic as Canary Islands architecture is its cuisine. In Santa Lucía de Tirajana, you’ll get to taste some of the typical products and dishes of Canary Islands cuisine, first through a tasting and later during lunch.

degustación - testing

At the Fortaleza de Ansite, we’ll discover a series of caves, well sheltered from potential invaders by the rugged surroundings of the ravine, where the ancient Canarian aborigines took refuge and where the final battle of the conquest of the island by the Kingdom of Castile occurred.

Fortaleza de Ansite

From the largest cave, we will enjoy magnificent views of the Tirajana ravine while the guide recalls that part of Canary Islands history.

Fortaleza de Ansite

After lunch, we will explore the second major ravine of our route, the Barranco de Temisas, where we will see the village of Temisas and the Roque de Aguaro.


From the Temisas Ravine, we will come across the Red Canyon (Barranco de las Vacas), a geological treasure spanning less than 100 meters, where you can capture one of the most spectacular and striking photos of your holiday on the island.
Barranco de las VacasBarranco de Vacas

The last point of our tour may vary depending on the state of the sea and weather conditions. Under normal circumstances, we will end by swimming in Tufia Beach or at the natural pool of Zoco Negro in Arinaga. But if it rains or is cold, we will probably end our route with a walk along the promenade of the village of Arinaga.


At the end of the excursion and upon dropping you back at your accommodation, we hope you leave with the feeling of having enjoyed a splendid day, filled with cherished memories that we hope will endure in your memory for a lifetime.


* Keep in mind that the island has numerous microclimates, and depending on the area we are in, temperatures and weather can change at any time.


** The itinerary may vary depending on weather conditions or for reasons of force majeure.



Wear comfortable or sporty clothing, hiking or sports shoes, a backpack, and a 1.5-liter water bottle.



  • Bring a cap, some warm clothing, sunscreen, something light to eat, such as fruit or a sandwich. Also, make sure to bring a towel, swimsuit, and dry clothes to change into if you plan to swim in the sea.
  • Take precautions for motion sickness as the route is very curvy (consult with a pharmacist).



Tour not suitable for pregnant women or people with reduced mobility, recent surgeries, or severe medical problems.

At what time will I be picked up?

We will not know the exact pickup times until the day before the tour. Only as a reference, these are the pickup times by tourist area:

  • 08:00 am Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
  • 08:50 am Puerto de Mogán and Taurito.
  • 08:55 am Playa del Cura and Amadores Beach.
  • 09:00 am Puerto Rico.
  • 09:10 am Patalavaca and Arguineguín.
  • 09:20 am Meloneras.
  • 09:25 am Maspalomas and Sonneland.
  • 09:30 am Playa del Inglés.
  • 09.40 am San Agustín, Playa del Águila, and Bahía Feliz.


How long does the pickup service take?

The pickup time will depend on the number of clients in the Las Palmas area and in the southern part of the island. Therefore, until a few days before the tour, we will not know how long the pickup service will take. Ideally, clients from Las Palmas will travel in one van and those from the south of the island in another, but this cannot always be guaranteed.


Barranco de las Vacas


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