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Shore tour - Tourist bus in Las Palmas - Citysightseeing

With the Las Palmas tourist bus, get to know the most important places in the capital of Gran Canaria. 

Get on and off the bus at any of its 11 stops in order to visit, at your own pace, the monuments, museums, beaches and other attractions in the city. 

Enjoy a magnificent view from the upper deck of these two-deck buses and enjoy, during the tour, the climate of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, considered one of the best in the world.
Ciudad alta and the port of Las Palmas
Discover the city’s two most important beaches: the charming Alcaravaneras Beach to the east, and the impressive Canteras Beach, considered one of the best urban beaches in the world, to the west.
Las Alcaravaneras beach
Las Canteras beach in Las Palmas
Get to know the best shopping areas: the area of Mesa y López, where you’ll find Corte Inglés, the city’s main boutiques and Triana, the city’s best commercial street.
tourist bus in las palmas gran canaria
Or, in order to go shopping, visit two of the main shopping centres: the Muelle Shopping Centre and the Las Arenas Shopping Centre. 

Take advantage of the free walking tour of the old town that you can enjoy with your ticket at 1:15 from the Vegueta stop. Visit the most important places in this historical centre of the city accompanied by an official guide.
optional walking tour in vegueta with the tourist bus
Both on your own and with the guided tour, you can get to know the Plaza del Pilar Nuevo, located at the back of the cathedral and where the house of Columbus is located. 
Santa Ana Cathedral
Get to know the cathedral and the Casas Consistoriales, separated by the beautiful Santa Ana plaza.
bus tour for tourists in gran canaria
Visit the most outstanding museums in Las Palmas: the Columbus House Museum, dedicated to the trips Christopher Columbus made to discover the Americas; the Elder Museum, dedicated to the sciences and technology; the Canary Museum, focusing on the history of the aboriginal people of the Canaries; the Pérez Galdós House Museum dedicated to the life and works of one of the all-time geniuses of Spanish literature; or the Nestor Museum, which recognizes the paintings of the great Canary artist. 

From the bus, tour some of the main streets and avenues of the capital of the Canaries.
Discover las Palmsa de Gran Canaris with city sightseeing
Visit its most popular plazas and parks: the Santa Catalina Park, the San Telmo Park, the Doramas Park, the Spanish Plaza or the Cairasco Plaza.
Doramas Park in Gran Canaria
And get to know the two places where the main concerts and theatrical works take place: the Pérez Galdós Theatre and the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium.
see the auditorium Alfredo Kraus
In short, the excursion on the tourist bus will allow you to tour and get to know, in a short time and a comfortable fashion, the most emblematic places in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. 


Note: This excursion is ideal for cruise travellers who disembark in Las Palmas. For cruise passengers, the pick-up point is the Muelle stop.
bus stop for cruises in Gran Caanria





Our clients' latest comments

Pauline H.October 2020

Highly recommended for visiting Las Palmas. The buses are punctual and the stops are very close to the main attractions of Las Palmas.

Barry W.October 2020

Great. There was a stop very close to where our cruise had docked, so we decided to take it to visit the city's main attractions. It was worth it.

James M.October 2020

Good service. In addition to the bus route it includes a small guided tour of the historic city that is included in the price, it's a bit short but they explain the basics of the area.

Geoffrey G.October 2020

Highly recommend. We took the bus as soon as we got off the cruise. It doesn't only pass by the city's main attractions but also gave us enough time to go shopping.

Thomas C.October 2020

Broken headphones. The headphones we got to hear the explanations didn't work well on some of the seats, and the bus was packed at the top so we couldn't move until we got off at one of the stops, and then took another bus.

Colin M.October 2020

A great way to see the city. You can get on and off wherever you want and there's a stop right next to the port where the cruise ships dock.

Sandra B.September 2020

A comfortable way to visit the city. It gives you enough time to see the most important places of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria but the audio information wasn't very good.

Pamela A.September 2020

It's a nice walk. The city is small but still worth taking the tourist bus, because it drops you off at the main attractions and they explain them a bit.

Graham B.September 2020

We went with kids and they had a great time on the second floor of the bus. The panoramic views and tour were very interesting.

Richard G.September 2020

Improvable. We liked the tour, although some of the headphone jacks were broken, they should check that they work properly.

Sylvia L.September 2020

We loved the stop in the town's upper section. There's a kind of viewpoint and the view is amazing.

Roger N.September 2020

The day in which we used the voucher had a lot of people coming from the cruises and the buses were almost full, even when they came by frequently.

Irene C.September 2020

Very good. The guide who gave us the tour through Vegueta was very friendly and the bus tour was quite complete.

Dorothy O.August 2020

Good. Some of the areas through which the tourist bus passes aren't very nice, but they do get you close to several areas of the city, and it comes by fairly frequently.

Malcom I.August 2020

It's worth it. The ticket includes a couple of guided tours, the Vegueta neighborhood and the Auditorium, which gives you enough time to see the city as you can get on and off at any of the stops you want.

Terence L.August 2020

Very good views. You can take great pictures of the city from the top of the bus, but on hot days it's better to wear a hat and sunscreen.

Joyce J.August 2020

Compared to the tours that tour buses do in other cities, this one isn't too long, but it's worth it to be dropped off next to the city highlights.

Ronald M.August 2020

Very good way to visit the city in a short time. When you come in a cruise you have very little time to see the place you're visiting, and on board excursions are very expensive. The bus tour was very good, and it included some guided tours. Highly recommend.

Wendy P.August 2020

Good tour to visit the city. The tourist bus allowed us to see the city's attractions and enjoy our time to visit places such as Las Canteras Beach, Vegueta, Triana and the higher parts of Las Palmas which were very interesting.

Roy W.August 2020

Long waiting times. At one point it took a little over 20 minutes to get to the stop we were waiting at to continue our visit.

Natalie S.July 2020

A bit expensive, but they get you close to the main commercial and cultural areas of Las Palmas and there are lots of options to choose from to get to know the city.

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Is it necessary to print the reservation voucher?
Yes, because the first page of the voucher (PDF) must be presented when getting on the bus.

When does the reservation voucher expire?
The voucher lasts for 1 month after the date when the reservation was made.

How long can I enjoy the reservation?
You have 24 hours to get on and off the bus from the first moment you get on.

How will I recognize the stops?
All the stops have red signage that looks like this
[cml_media_alt id='10091']parada city sightseeing[/cml_media_alt]

How often do the buses come?

The bus comes every 35 minutes to give you time to see the most interesting things at each stop.

What are the operating hours for the buses?
From 10:00 to 18:00

Is there WIFI on the bus?

What is the best stop for cruise passengers?
If you come on a cruise, there is a bus stop after leaving the pier. It is marked with the letter H on the map.

Can I cancel the reservation?

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