Discover some of the most beautiful and spectacular sites in the northern and central parts of the island on a tour from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


Join a small group of 20 to 28 people, accompanied by an official guide who will enrich your experience with insights into the culture, history, architecture, climate, and flora of the places we visit, Gran Canaria and the Canary Islands.

Teror - guia - guide

At our first stop, contemplate the Bandama volcano and its surroundings. From the Pico de Bandama viewpoint, muse over this enormous crater, the largest and most striking on the island, with a depth of 216 meters, a height of 574 meters, and a diameter of approximately one kilometer.

Bandama volcano

From this viewpoint, you can also see the villages located in the northern part of the island located near the crater, and the Bandama golf club, the oldest in Spain.

Campo de golf de Bandama

We will pause briefly in the village of San Mateo to explore its historic center, home to landmarks such as the Church of Our Lady of Fatima and the Town Hall. If your tour falls on a Saturday, take the opportunity to wander through the lively market, a beloved attraction on the island.

San MateoSan Mateo - Iglesia de la virgen de Fátima

From the highest point on the island, Morro de Agujerada, standing at 1956 meters above sea level, admire the Roque Nublo rock and, on clear days with good visibility, the peak of Teide in Tenerife, the highest mountain in Spain standing at 3718 meters.

Roque Nublo

Roque Nublo holds significant cultural and spiritual importance for Gran Canaria’s indigenous people and serves as a natural emblem of the island. From Morro de la Agujerada, you willl have a distant view of Roque Nublo, whose summit is 1913 meters above sea level. To appreciate the size of this large rock, approximately 80 meters high, we recommend approaching it another time, during a hiking tour.

Roque Nublo

From the Degollada de la Becerra viewpoint, behold Roque Bentayga, another sacred rock for the island’s early inhabitants, whose summit is 1414 meters above sea level.

Roque Bentayga

Throughout our journey, you will notice the island’s microclimates, characterized by temperature differences of up to 15 degrees Celsius compared to Las Palmas city, as well as changes in vegetation. We will transition from lush green vegetation areas, typical of northern Gran Canaria, to Canary pine forests in the center of the island at altitudes above 1500 meters.



We will have a lunch break for about 1 hour at Cruz de Tejeda. You can either buy a sandwich at one of the small food shops, or if you prefer, you can have lunch at the “El Refugio” restaurant. Even though there is the only Parador on the island at Cruz de Tejeda, you will not have enough time to have lunch there. However, you can relax on its terrace while enjoying the sensational views of Roque Bentayga.

Cruz de Tejeda

When visiting Teror, you will probably discover the most beautiful and beloved village on the island. As you wander through the historic center, you will encounter a long pedestrian street lined with two-story houses featuring typical Canarian wooden balconies.


While strolling through its streets, you will see these balconies on many houses and on the town hall.

Ayuntamiento de Teror

You cannot leave Teror without visiting the Basilica de Nuestra Señora del Pino (Baslica of Our Lady of the Pine), where the Virgin of the Pine, the patroness of the island, resides. 

Basilica de la Virgen del PinoVirgen del Pino

From Teror, we will return to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, hoping you have enjoyed an extraordinary tour of some of the most imposing and beautiful places in the center of Gran Canaria.


  • Bring warm clothing, especially in winter, as temperatures at the stops can be up to 15 degrees Celsius lower than in Las Palmas.
  • Take precautions if you think you might get motion sickness on the bus, as most of the route is along winding roads.


**On low visibility days, the Morro de Agujerada viewpoint is replaced by a visit to the village of Tejeda.

Roque Nublo y Teide


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