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Guided tour to Barranco de Guayadeque, Firgas, Fataga, views of Roque Nublo,...

Discover some of Gran Canaria’s most beautiful landscapes, villages and places. On this excursion full of contrasts, you will get to know many of the attractions of the northern, central and southern areas of the island.

The abundant vegetation, cool and humid climate, and the green and leafy landscapes that we will find in northern and central Gran Canaria look very different from the arid and dry, almost desert-like areas typical of the southern area of the island. 

The first stop on our tour is Barranco de Guayadeque, one of the locals’ favourite natural areas for its beauty, size and vegetation.
Visit to Guayadeque Ravine
In this grand valley, we will visit one of the many cave houses that are still inhabited today, a small cave hermitage and a cave pub where you will be able to eat breakfast if needed.
Cave Hause in Guayadeque ravine
Our next stop will be at an aloe vera farm, which grows the Aloe Barbadensis Miller type. There we will get to know the medicinal properties of the plant and learn why Gran Canaria is an ideal place for its cultivation.
Aloe vera
We will continue our tour toward Firgas, to the north of the island, in order to explore its main street, the Paseo de Gran Canaria, one of the most beautiful and charming streets on the island. Located there are its waterfall fountain, ceramic benches whose mosaics represent the 21 municipalities on the island, and a representation in relief of each of the 7 islands that form the Canary Archipelago.
Calle de Firgas en Gran canaria

In Firgas we will also have free time in order to see its lovely town hall and cosy church.
Main street of Firgas
On the road to Cruz de Tejeda, we will pass spectacular ravines, such as Barranco de la Mina or Barranco de la Virgen, which are impressive due to their beauty and depth. 

From Cruz de Tejeda, which is the highest point of our excursion at 1450 metres above sea level, and from the Tejeda Lookout, we will enjoy some magnificent views of the Town of Tejeda, considered one of the most beautiful in Spain, and of two most important natural symbols of Gran Canaria: Roque Nublo and Roque Bentayga.
Excursion To Roque Bentayga
Our route continues toward Barranco de Fataga, where the beautiful “valley of a thousand palms” is located.
palm trees in the south of Gran canaria
And it’s precisely in the heart of this valley of a thousand palms where we will have our final stop in order to discover the town of Fataga. Walk through its peaceful streets and observe the traditional Canarian architecture in the facades of its houses.
Typical Houses on Gran Canaria
As we approach the area of Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas from Fataga, we will see that the green and fertile landscapes become arid and desert-like. You will notice, once again, the contrasts of the island that make Gran Canaria known as the Miniature Continent. 

Upon finishing the excursion and returning to your hotel, we hope that you go with the feeling of having enjoyed many of the island’s attractions and you carry unforgettable memories of this VIP Tour of Gran Canaria. 

*** From August 16th, due to the closure of the GC-60 road, the visit to Fataga village will be replaced by the visit to the town of Santa Lucía.




Our clients' latest comments

LindaSeptember 2023

Good tour. Above all I liked being able to see inside each cave and the island's landscapes.

CherylSeptember 2023

We liked the route. The guide was friendly and gave precise information about all of the points that we passed. It would have been better if we would have gone to another interesting location in addition to Fagata.

GarySeptember 2023

Good tour if you already know Las Palmas and Teror. The landscapes are very beautiful and the views of Roque Nublo are spectacular, but you don't go to the most important locations on the island.

BarbaraSeptember 2023

Great organization. The guide and the route were quite good, but unfortunately the weather the day we did the excursion wasn't and the landscapes could not be seen very well.

TroySeptember 2023

We had a great time. There is much diversity in the landscapes that are seen throughout the excursion, which we loved.

NathanSeptember 2023

Some stops remained. There are parts of the route that are lovely and very interesting but I personally did not like the stop to visit the aloe vera farm. It seemed like they wanted to sell you aloe products as it was.

KarenAugust 2023

Recommended. The contrast between the island's southern and northern landscapes was apparent and spectacular. Now I understand why they call it the miniature continent.

JenniferAugust 2023

It's good if you only know a little bit of the island. We did three excursions in a week and this excursion was good as a complement to the other two, but if you only have time to do one, I recommend the excursion that goes to Teror and Arucas.

JohnAugust 2023

Worthwhile. It's a very comfortable way to travel through the centre of the island. The service was great, very professional.

DennisAugust 2023

Wonderful. I loved the views of the places that we passed, the ravine of the Virgin made my jaw drop.

LisaAugust 2023

Great. The route is beautiful, nothing like the south of the island, so it's like two different islands. I really liked Fagata and Firgas, but almost the entirety of the rest of the route is pure nature.

FrankAugust 2023

Worthwhile. The route is nothing like the beaches in southern Gran Canaria. The landscapes were very beautiful and the views were spectacular.

TonyaAugust 2023

Okay. My husband ended up a little carsick due to the amount of curves in the route, but I know that the grand valleys we passed through on those roads were lovely.

Emily H.July 2023

The best low-cost tour. I have done all of the low-cost tours because I always really enjoy their service and economical prices, but I had never done this route. I think it’s the best one.

BrianJuly 2023

Incredible. During the trip we passed through the spectacular ravines of Gran Canaria.

MelissaJuly 2023

Great excursion. We toured the island very comfortably and saw many places. But the route was a little burdensome at times because the roads in the centre of Gran Canaria are very curvy.

StacyJuly 2023

Lovely landscapes. Worthwhile to see all of the ravines and landscapes in the centre of the island. Gran Canaria is lovely.

BradleyJuly 2023

Beautiful excursion. We loved the natural landscapes that we saw. The worst part of the tour was all of the curves there were between Firgas and Maspalomas.

KathleenJuly 2023

I would recommend the excursion. I went with my parents, who are older and for them it was very comfortable to be able to tour Gran Canaria this way and to see all of the landscapes in the centre.

CraigJuly 2023

Very good. The ravines and landscapes of the island that we got to know were lovely. It's the most comfortable way to get to discover the island.

Katie L.June 2023

I have done 3 tours of the island, seeing different places, and I definitely prefer this one. Thorough, spectacular scenery and an inexpensive price. Although the food is not included in the price, we went for it and it was very good.

Luke T.June 2023

Impressive views. We loved the contrasts of the island, the tour and the places we travelled through, especially the central part of Gran Canaria and Guayadeque.

Molly C.June 2023

Beautiful trip. We took the opportunity to get to know Gran Canaria for one day during our holiday, and they recommended this tour for its contrasts. I loved the entire tour and the treatment of the guide was wonderful.

MaryJune 2023

Lovely. Beautiful landscapes, pine trees, palm groves, the village of Firgas is quite picturesque… We saw much of Gran Canaria and liked it a lot.

MarkJune 2023

Wonderful. We took so many photos and it gave us a good idea of how beautiful the island is. Worthwhile.

KimberlyJune 2023

We were impressed. We passed alongside the island's beautiful landscapes, which we saw from the bus. It was worth getting to know them.

SeanJune 2023

Great. We got to know some very beautiful places. Just one caveat, it is a little long because the road has many curves.

Grace H.May 2023

Good service and very pretty route. We slept in and didn’t arrive on time to the stop that was given to us, but Makaela picked us up and took us to where the bus was. And for that service alone I would recommend this tour. Thank you Mikaela.

Robert E.May 2023

It seemed to me like a very thorough and stunning tour. The guide was correct when talking about all the contrasts in Gran Canaria.

Jacob B.May 2023

Thanks for recommending this tour to me, Luis. We had a great time and I think that we left with a very good impression of Gran Canaria.

Matthew C.May 2023

Worthwhile. Last year my wife and I did the tour of the island and this year Luis recommended that we do this trip for the contrasts we would be able to see. We really liked the entire route, especially the visit to Fataga and Guayadeque.

Olivia G.May 2023

Beautiful trip and a great price. We compared this trip with many other companies and it was almost half the price, but we paid attention to the recommendations that we had been given and did this tour. If you go to Gran Canaria, do this tour.

Samuel J.May 2023

Gorgeous places. It’s worth going to Guayadeque, touring the centre of the island to see the Roque Nublo and visiting Fataga.

James O.May 2023

Much better than I thought. I thought that Gran Canaria was really just tourist attractions and Las Palmas, but many of the places that we passed on this route surprised me.

Cameron O.April 2023

Excellent tour and great comments from the guide, which made the tour quite nice. I’ll definitely hire them again.

Anna G.April 2023

Worth it. It may seem wearisome to spend all day on a tour but the natural monuments that we saw and the Canarian history that you learn makes it very much worthwhile.

Max P.April 2023

Recommended. The tour, the guides and the service were quite good.

George J.A.April 2023

Excellent. The old caves where the ancient residents of the island lived are spectacular, as are the attractive villages to walk through and to take many memorable photos of. Recommended.



StevenMarch 2023

A brilliant day out. Learning about different areas of the Island. Guide was very informative and knowledgeable. Would recommend this trip.  

DavidFebruary 2023

Well worth doing this excursion. I loved that it was a lot of short stops in many places, to allow you get a flavour of the islands attractions. Our Guide was great - friendly and efficient. And hat off to the Driver for driving those mountain roads safely.

Lorraine S.January 2023

My two children and I went on the VIP tour last week while on holiday and it was excellent. The Guide gave a clear well informed tour from start to finish and engaged the children in the tour who were keen to hear all the information he had to offer. The driver was trustworthy in very wet conditions and interacted well with everybody on the tour. I would highly recommend this tour to friends visiting Gran Canaria to get to see more of the Island. Lorraine (UK)



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