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Boat tour from Puerto Rico

Enjoy an unforgettable day on board of  a Turkish gulet that will take us along much of the southern coast of Gran Canaria. At 26 metres long and 9 metres wide, the gulet capacity is 70 people, but in order for you to be comfortable, the excursions never have more than 40 passengers.
boat excursions playa del ingles - maspalomas - meloneras
We have a deck chair for every person so that you can relax if you wish, although you can also move around on the boat in the recreational areas located on the deck or down below.
Aphrodite boat tour gran canaria
Unlike other boat excursions, children do not usually go on this one, and Thursday is also a day with no children on board.

The journey includes, for your refreshment, a glass of champagne and an open bar of brand-name drinks, San Miguel beer and sangria that is prepared on board.

We will leave from Puerto Base in Puerto Rico, and we will arrive, skirting the coast and assuming the weather conditions and the state of the sea permits it, at El Descojonado Point.
Aphrodite boat trip
During this trip, four elements will be a continuous presence in the landscape: jagged lava cliffs, enormous valleys, beaches and marine caves. If visibility is good, we will be accompanied by one more element during most of the excursion: El Teide (3,718 metres), the highest peak in Spain, located on the island of Tenerife.
Aphrodite boat sailing
The first part of the route will bring us to the coast of Puerto de Mogan, where you will be able to see some of the hotels, beaches and most popular tourist districts of the island: Playa de Amadores, Playa de Tauro, Playa del Cura, Playa de Taurito and Playa de Mogán.
Boat tour Gran Canaria
In the second part of the tour, you will discover near-virgin beaches, which are in such a state due to their poor accessibility.
Tasarte Aphrodite
Contemplate Playa de Venegueras, with its valley in the background; Playa de Tasarte, which also runs into the valley; and Playa de Tasartico before arriving at the most inaccessible beach in this area: Güigüi.
boat trip gui gui
The furthest point that we will reach, if the weather conditions allow, will be Punta del Descojonado (Broken Point). Go on this excursion and discover for yourself why it bears this name.

From Punta del Descojanado, we will head back toward Puerto Rico. During this part of the journey, you will be able to enjoy a home-style buffet, prepared on board, in which you can choose between tropical salad, tuna salad, marinated chicken, steak with salsa and potatoes mojo sauce.

Covid Menu

The meal offered on board will consist of a sea salad as a starter and the main dish chicken prepared Thai style with rice. There will also be a vegetarian option of Thai-style vegetables with rice. (It is important that you notify us when making the reservation if you are a vegetarian client)
And now with a full stomach, take the opportunity to nap on your deck chair before the final stop.

In approximately one hour, you will be able to swim very close to the coast, or to do another aquatic activity. Rent a jet ski, parasail or banana boat at a more affordable price than what you would pay for these activities on the beach.
actividades acuaticas taurito
After this stop, all that remains is to return to Puerto Rico and complete this magnificent boat trip in Gran Canaria. At around 15:00, we will anchor at the dock and we hope you will have enjoyed a relaxing and fun day, full of nature and the sea, in which you could get to know Gran Canaria a little bit more. We hope it turns out to be, if not the best, one of the best memories of your holiday.


  • Sunscreen, also for lips (sea breeze and sun)
  • Medication against sea sickness (if applicable)
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes, sunhat
  • Sun Glasses
  • Video Recorder and Cameras.


The route may change depending on the sea conditions.




Our clients' latest comments

Amelia H.October 2020

I bought the trip as a gift for my partner and we went back again a second time. The peace and quiet is amazing as well as being able to lay back in our deck chairs, drinking freshly made sangria.

Kyle K.October 2020

Great day on the high seas in Gran Canaria. The peacefulness of it is astounding. The best part was that there were only adults on the boat.

Natasha S.October 2020

The on board boat experience was perfect. Thanks to all the Aphrodite team for the tour.

Ethan G.October 2020

Excellent experience. Mild but delicious food being able to choose between different types of salad, chicken, steak in salsa and potatoes in a garlic sauce. Excellent quality

Christina M.October 2020

This is our best boat trip ever, everything was perfect. Stunning boat, fantastic & helpful crew, delicious food and drink served with great generosity. The boat was really comfortable (suitable for the oldest member of our group 85 yrs) A truly magical day we will never forget. I can't recommend this highly enough, it was brilliant and excellent value for money



Michael B,October 2020

A Fantastic trip , the organisation was put together very well, very friendly staff, excellent food and drink. , we were even lucky enough to see dolphins alongside the boat, totally amazing, worth every penny, will definitely do again if ever we go back to Gran Canaria,



Elizabeth B.September 2020

Really courteous staff. We left really happy, was way beyond our expectations.

Ella C.September 2020

We shall definitely return. The best part of our stay on the island was discovering the spectacular Aphrodite boat. Peace, Tranquility and a lot of enjoyment.

Leah S.September 2020

Great guys. This was honestly the most enjoyable boat tour I’ve been on. Everything was well thought through and prepared

Andrew W.September 2020

Wonderful trip with all drinks and food included and without limit. And great to have no kids on board which made it a much more peaceful and enjoyable experience. Even 5 hours seemed to go much too quickly - could happily have done 10!

Madeiline M.September 2020

It was great! Excellent food and guide. Great service from OK Gran Canaria.

Ellie J.September 2020

Highly recommended, we have been on this boat trip numerous of times so we know what to expect. It really is the most relaxing day out and the food and drinks is just great value for money. Its a great day out and booking through okgrancanaria was easy and seamless throughout Thank you!  

Luke L.September 2020

In one word: Fantastic. A small cozy boat wide enought for those who went

Chloe T.September 2020

Un unbeatable experience. I went with my family and we were very comfortable and each with our own deck chair

Katie R.September 2020

The highlight of our Canaries holiday. I didn’t think the food would be as high quality let alone a home made buffet where you could choose between salad, chicken etc… The potatoes in garlic sauce was delicious

Ilona P.September 2020

Impressive journey seeing the cliffs and beaches. The absolute peace and quiet stood out which made the excursion really relaxing.

Alice C.September 2020

Excellent. Elena made sure that we had an unforgettable day on the boat.

Ilan S.September 2020

Very good organisation, I usually panic when i’m not at home but you could really notice the quality of the homemade food made by these people. I give them a 10!

KajaSeptember 2020

It was very great and relaxing trip. Everything was perfect!



David W.August 2020

I could get to know a part of the island that was totally unknown to me before. I’ve been to the island more than once but I had never seen such tremendous views that I saw on this voyage. Marvellous experience.

Robert H.August 2020

Tour that is worth doing alongside the courtesy of the crew. No objections

Chloe L.August 2020

Great service, I loved it. The best journey, from Puerto Rico going to untouched beaches such as Güigüi and cliffs such as Veneguera, Tasartico

Brandon C.August 2020

Many thanks to the crew and Elena, I’d give them a 10 out of 10. The boat journey is beautiful and we went to Güigüi beach which is practically unreachable any other way. I loved the experience and shall keep it in mind to do again another time.

Emily O.August 2020

Loved it!! My favorite excursion we did on the island. The boat and group size was small enough to keep a more intimate atmosphere. Boat staff was very friendly and provided unlimited drinks and good food. We would've been happy to do it again before leaving the island.  

Olivia Z.August 2020

What a great way to enjoy the day, spending it in a deckchair, sunbatheing and going between numerous, spectacular and almost untouched beaches and caves along the cliffs. Totally recommended

Charlotte W.August 2020

I enjoyed the service and personalised treatment on board. Also, I enjoyed the spectacular journey being able to see the cliffs, secluded beaches and special coves. I recommend it

Michael F.August 2020

Absolute peace and quiet that I could live on a boat with my wife. It is a real gem of a tour. Thanks to Elena and the excellent treatment she gave us.

Lauren A.August 2020

Everything was perfect. Great day, sun, a deckchair per person…. Unforgettable!

Grace L.August 2020

Delicious, abundant and homemade food and drink. Great views. I wasn’t able to find any fault on the boat. Recommended

Laurie T.August 2020

Fun trip. Great crew. Nice boat. Good food. Only complaint was the jet ski rental that we bought on the boat. Seemed like a good value €29 but it was so short. Only like 10 minutes. 



Taina and LissuAugust 2020

Trip was worthwhile and well organized. Service was good and staff was great. We enjoyed a lot.



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