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One day tour to Tenerife from Gran Canaria

The excursion from Gran Canaria to Tenerife starts by departing from the tourist areas in the southern part of the island and heading north toward Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Then we will go to Puerto de Agaete, where the boat that will take us to the Santa Cruz dock in Tenerife will depart around 8:00.

Normally the journey is pleasant, though we recommend prevention in case of possible sea sickness.  You will travel on board a modern Fred Olsen Line catamaran with capacity for 800 passengers and it takes approximately 70 minutes for the 65 km trip.Boat to Tenerife From Gran Canaria Your adventure on Tenerife will begin at about 9.15 h am.  The bus will take you from the harbour of Santa Cruz de Tenerife through town toward La Laguna. Don´t miss the Auditorium “Adan Martin” of the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatraba or the monument of the fallen at Plaza de España.Tenerife AuditoriumPlaza de España Square

The excursion continues to La Laguna, passing the former capital of Tenerife and birthplace of famous personalities, such as Father Anchieta, founder of the city of Sao Paulo in Brasil.

The journey carries on toward La Esperanza and further on to Teide National Park.  Enjoy the heights and changes of the scenery.  Observe how the vegetation and climate changes, depending on the height over sea level. Marvel over the contrasts between a beautiful lush green Pine forest which changes to a nearly barren volcanic landscape on the last part of the trip.

During the whole tour, an official travel guide will attend you and give you all information about vegetation, flora and fauna, history, culture, gastronomy, climate and geography of Tenerife. 

The first important stopover on our ascending trip will be at the viewpoint “La Tarta”(the cake). La Tarta is a combination of strata in different phases of eruption. Between the formation of each layer, centuries or even thousands of years may have passed by. The white layer, containing pumice stone, is very light and porous. The black layers are of basalt and were formed by eruptions with little gas content.The red layers, also of basalt, oxidized at the moment of eruption due to underground waters that entered the eruption channel and vaporized.

El teide volcanico

During our journey, we will stop at different lookouts in order to contemplate the scenery of Tenerife and its symbol, Teide, which is the highest mountain in Spain at 3718 metres high.Tenerife Tour - Teide In Centro de Interpretación del Portillo, we will see a movie about the creation of Teide.Centro de interpretacion de el Portillo

The highest point that we will reach will be Roque Garcia,  at about 2300 metres above sea level, with the nicest views of the mountain and of the Valle de Ucanca (Ucanca Valley).Roque CinchadoValle de Ucanca - Teide

Once we leave the Teide National Park, we will have lunch in a typical Tenerife restaurant where we will taste some dishes of the Canarian Cuisine.

Our last stop will be at one of the nicest towns of the island, La Orotava, where will take a walking tour to visit some of the most interesting places, like La Casa de los Balcones and the Conception Church.Casa de los BalconesIglesia de la Concepción

Around 6.00 pm a catamaran of Fred Olsen Line will bring you back to Agaete, Gran Canaria and from there you will be accompanied by bus back to your hotel.


  • Prevent possible sea sickness
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Warm clothes depending on the season
  • Comfortable closed shoes



Our clients' latest comments

Alex B.June 2020

Fantastic! Definitely worth it! You have to have strong willpower to get up so early in the morning, but we did and we didn’t regret it one bit.

Imogen J.June 2020

The company takes its work very seriously. I congratulate you all for such a beautiful excursion, the guide’s wonderful explanations and the great time that we had.

Paige A.C.June 2020

Very high quality. We were able to enjoy our holiday in Gran Canaria and spend a day exploring Tenerife with this tour. Worth it and recommended.

Christopher O.June 2020

The guide was great. Wonderful tour. Congratulations!

Robert A.June 2020

Very good trip and very good service. Recommended!!

Reece W.June 2020

Mount Teide!! Recommended!

Alexandra H.P.May 2020

Worth seeing Teide so close. An incredible day. 100% recommended.

Mia W.May 2020

It’s worth getting to know Tenerife with this trip. From the time they picked us up at the hotel in Meloneras to when we returned, we enjoyed the entire tour. We loved seeing Teide so close. Great service and excellent explanations by the guide. Recommended.

Lily G.May 2020

Worth the early start. Thanks Vincent. 100% recommended.

Rachel D.M.May 2020

My husband and I had a bad time on the boat to Tenerife, so we were not able to really enjoy the trip. They should have warned that the boat would move so much.

Nicole H.A.May 2020

We were seasick on the boat so I didn’t enjoy the trip from Gran Canaria to Tenerife at all.

László V.May 2020

The tour was very well organized, the sights were beautiful.



Janice C.May 2020

Very enjoyable tour! On the way to Teide, I though we would never, ever see Teide. So it was fantastic to arrive over the fog an the skyes, and see Teide appear. Very enjoyable guide as well, and nice, local lunch included.


Chelsea R.April 2020

Absolutely recommended. I went with my family, and it’s the best way to visit Tenerife from Gran Canaria.

Abbie S.A.April 2020

The tour, the service and the guide’s explanations were great. Teide was magnificent.

Charles T.O.April 2020

It’s worthwhile but lengthy: first the bus to Agaete, then the boat (which moved quite a bit), and then all day in Tenerife before getting back on the boat and then the bus. We had to give ourselves two rest days after the excursion.

David G.April 2020

It was worth spending our holiday in Gran Canaria and getting to know Tenerife in just one day. Great excursion. Recommended.

Catherine H.April 2020

Great tour. Everything went very smoothly, our guide Miguel gave very useful information all along and lunch was very nice. My partner is a geologist and he enjoyed the geological aspect of the tour very much. We thought it was good value for money.

GulamApril 2020

Very good trip and service. National Park and Teide was magnificent. Recommend.

Brent EApril 2020

Strongly recommended. El Teide was a worthwhile experience to see the volcano. The views were spectacular and the landscape was very interesting. However leaving at 6am from our hotel and getting back at 9pm was very tiring day hence although Puerto de la Cruz is a beautiful town this place could be skipped and head back to Gran Canaria.  

Rhys H.March 2020

The trip was worth it but my wife and I were very seasick on the boat.

Louis V.March 2020

Great trip and great guide. Recommended.

Edward H.N.March 2020

My wife and I hesitated about exploring Tenerife on our own or taking the guided tour. Finally we decided to do the tour, and it was well worth it. Very high quality. Highly recommended.

Amber F.H.March 2020

Good tour, good guide, good service, wonderful day and Teide was lovely. Recommended.

Anne H.March 2020

A long and tiring day, not for the faint hearted ........But so glad we did it and feel a sense of achievement having returned to our hotel after such a memorable expedition !! I must also add that is not really suitable for children below the age of 12 - they are not in the least bit interested in the history and culture of an island ; they just want to be back in their hotel pool or on the beach !! Both in our fifties and relatively fit, myself and husband coped well and enjoyed the wealth of knowledge imparted by our tour guide. We particularly found it interesting to compare the difference in climate on the journey up to mount Teide visitors centre, we travelled through swirling mist and clouds as if we were on an aeroplane!! The Mount Teide Visitor's Centre fell FAR SHORT of our expectations - nothing much to grab interest, also the public conveniences at the venue were out of action and taped off when we arrived. .......not ideal !! We had to walk approximately 150 metres down the hill, on a winding road, with no pavement to the nearest bar to use their conveniences ....& the all the way back up again to pick up our coach !!! In temperatures nearing 30°c we found this bordering on unacceptable. Having said all that, the meal at the typical Canarian restaurant (which is included in the price of the trip) was substantial and tasty accompanied with some very palatable wine, both red and white. Our tour guide was Miguel........he was top notch, he made sure everyone knew where they were going, looked after us very well and made the whole trip 'fun' with his sense of humour that effortlessly spanned at least 4 languages. Miguel was very engaging and did his utmost best to keep everyone engaged without being too intrusive. He was a star !! No complaints......just make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before and don't make any big plans for the day after .......!!

MikelisMarch 2020

The customer service is superb. I made a incorrect reservation, and found out about it after the trip had already happened, I emailed them about the issue, and was surprised that they gave a possibility to go at the desired date free of charge.



Abdullah O.March 2020

100% recommended a great experience and everything was superb the guide the lunch and all the views.



Daisy G.February 2020

Fantastic way to visit the other islands in just one day. It was worth it.

Joe P.L.February 2020

The part I liked best was Teide. Good service and great explanations from the guide.

Owen A.February 2020

We went with another couple and it was much better to go on this tour than to try to do it ourselves. Great tour and good service.

Eric F.February 2020

Highly recommended, a great day out which ran to schedule like clockwork. To see Teide covered in snow was amazing as we desended to 23 degrees. Our tour guide was really friendly and informative. The food at the restaurant was really good and plentiful, better than I've had on excursions elsewhere. I couldn't recommend this trip enough. I'm thinking we might book another trip to Santa Cruz.



Monika P.February 2020

Great experience. Everything went as planned and described. Recommended.



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Do you pick me up? Where is the pick-up point?
Yes, We have pick-up areas in Bahia Feliz, San Agustin, Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas, Meloneras, Arguineguin, Puerto Rico – Amadores and Puerto de Mogan for bookings made at least 24 hours in advance.
When booking, in step 1 select “pick-up at the hotel” under “additional services.” In step 2, select the location where you are staying and a point of reference in order to indicate the time of pick-up and the pick-up point.

Pick-up is free at Bahia Feliz, San Agustin, Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas. Meloneras and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Pick-up at Arguineguin, Puerto Rico – Amadores and Puerto de Mogan costs 3 euros per person.

How do I know which is my bus?
Our buses are identified with a board in the front window with the name of the company. “Low Cost Tours”. Our guides will try to find you at your assigned stop, and you should have your ticket/voucher ready to help us identify you.

What should I do if I don't find my bus or guide?
If after 10 minutes the bus hasn't arrived, you should ring us on to the number you have on the voucher telling us your name, the excursion you have booked and the pick up point where you are.

Does the excursion include a ride in the cable car?
No, the queues to go up in the cable car have a wait time of approximately two hours, and because of the weather conditions it is not guaranteed that it will run every day. Due to a lack of time during the excursion, we have not included this option.

What is the highest point that we will reach on the excursion?
The highest point is Centro de Interpretacion del Teide, about 2,200 metres above sea level.

How old must children be to go on the trip?
Babies and children can go as long as they are accompanied by adults. All infants under 24 months are considered babies and normally they pay nothing nor do they occupy a seat.

In which languages is the activity (tour) conducted?
We conduct our activity in Spanish, English and German

Are you able to accommodate people in wheelchairs?
If the wheelchair can be collapsed, it can be accommodated on one of our excursions; although it must always be communicated at the moment of requesting your reservation. If you have any questions or doubts, please, send us an email before booking.

I have walking difficulties, how can I do the excursions?
Although our buses are modern and air-conditioned, they are not equipped with special appliances or seats. Nor do we have access for electric wheelchairs. Nonetheless, for people with mobility problems or collapsible wheelchairs can go on our excursions with a companion who will assist them in embarking and disembarking. If you have any questions or doubts, please, send us an email before booking.

How long does the activity last?
Duration: 12-14 hours. Time spent in Tenerife: 8 hours

What happens if for some reason the company decides to cancel the activity?
If the company decides to cancel the activity (usually due to weather or unforeseen circumstances) for the day that you had booked, we will contact you via the email or telephone number you provided when booking in order to provide alternatives.

What does the trip include?

  • Pick up from the hotel (or from a point closer to the hotel) in the tourist zones of southern Gran Canaria.
  • Official tourism guide in Spanish, English, and German.
  • Modern buses.
  • All mandatory travel and liability insurance.
  • Ferry shuttles to Tenerife
  • Lunch

Any recommendations for this trip?
Bring with you:

  • Clothing appropriate to the time of year. Always bring a coat since the weather can change according to which part of the island we find ourselves. .
  • Comfortable closed shoes.
  • Video camera
  • Medicine if you are seasick

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