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Boat trip from Pasito Blanco

Take a trip on this boat  and navigate along the southern coast of the island of Gran Canaria, leaving from the port of Pasito Blanco in order to make a journey along the coast near the charming fishing village of Arguineguin and the tourist zones of Anfi, Amadores and Puerto Rico, before finally docking near Puerto de Mogan.
Boat trip in Gran Canaria
This catamaran is an elegant boat that is 14 metres long and nearly 8 metres wide, with a maximum capacity of 12 passengers in order to provide you with the personal experience you deserve. The vessel is ideal for taking a trip out on the sea with family or friends, or going hand-in-hand with your partner.
barco blue spirit maspalomas playa del ingles
This boat trip will dock first in a small cove between Puerto Rico and Puerto de Mogan and a second stop in front of Anfi Beach, where you can jump into the sea and swim in complete freedom. Or you can simply stay on board and enjoy the surrounding environment.
snorkel during boat trip
In addition, during the tour we will offer you a light meal and refreshments, sangria and beer so that your on-board experience will be as pleasant as possible. And the boat’s staff will serve you in both Spanish and English or German.
meal in catamaran gran canaria
Although it’s not common, on some occasions you will be able to see dolphins, turtles and other marine life during the journey.

Upon returning to the port of Pasito Blanco, you will feel like you’ve spent a peaceful day relaxing, in which you will have enjoyed the sea and the beautiful weather of Gran Canaria, discovered much of the south-eastern coast of the island, and had fun with the recreational activities during the stops.

Recommendations: Bring sunscreen, also for lips (sea breeze and sun), swimsuit, sunhat, comfortable clothes, sun glasses and video recorder and cameras. Medication against sea sickness (if applicable).




Our clients' latest comments

Amy D.December 2022

My only criticism is that there were very few places to lie down and sunbathe, the best thing to do is be at the beginning of the line to be able to find a good spot.

Lilian H.December 2022

I went with two friends and had a great time! The crew is fantastic.

Ander M.December 2022

We had a great time. It felt a bit long because of the heat but it was worth it. Good music and good atmosphere, to be repeated.

Alice F.December 2022

It was my first time on a boat and I'll surely do it again! We also tried snorkelling and swam near the coast. The water was very clean.

Joe H.December 2022

It was fine, although next time I'd prefer a shorter boat trip with more room on board. We hired parasailing on the boat and it was great.

Alex D.December 2022

They surprised me for my birthday and it was delightful. Good company, good food, a great boat and the crew was super attentive. Definitely one of my best birthday memories.

Nicole H.November 2022

Great. We had an awesome day, the catamaran was very good and the crew was very nice.

David F.November 2022

This is the third year we do this boat excursion. The crew is very attentive and the atmosphere on the boat is very nice. We'll definitely do it again next year.

Claude W.November 2022

Good value for money. Includes all drinks, lunch and snorkel equipment. The two crew guys were very good hosts.

Charlotte G.November 2022

The only bad thing I could mention was that it was a bit noisy, but the service was impeccable and we had a brilliant morning. We got lovely views from the boat.

Louis A.November 2022

The boat was very clean and the crew treated us very well, they made us feel very welcomed on board. The food was a typical chicken with potatoes and salad, but it was good.

Chloe R.November 2022

Regular. The day in which we did the tour was too hot and the boat has very few places with shade for so many people. Luckily we made lots of stops to cool down in the sea.

Aline H.November 2022

Good food and drinks throughout the entire trip. The trip is so good I've done it twice. They also lend you goggles and tubes so you can use them when you stop for swims.

Robert P.October 2022

Worth it. The food was good and we liked the stops we made to take a dip in the sea.

Daisy P.October 2022

I loved it. The boat ride was great, we were able to swim and snorkel. The staff is very nice.

Mia B.October 2022

We had an amazing day on the catamaran. The crew was very nice and all the little touches we got on board made the tour even better. A beautiful day, beautiful views and very relaxing.

George S.October 2022

Lots of fun. We loved the atmosphere of the boat. The food was good and the crew was very friendly. And as we were there first, my friends and I got great seats, in the back of the boat.

Edward F.October 2022

It's great to spend a few hours at sea watching the coast and having fun at the stops. Highly recommendable

Ian B.October 2022

It was great. We stopped several times to swim and snorkel. The only thing I didn't like was that there weren't many food options and I didn't like the food they had.

Dylan P.March 2017

Fantastic. The boat is very pretty and the trip and the crew are fantastic. They were the happiest hours that I recall of my stay in Gran Canaria.

Harry G.A.March 2017

A good choice for going out with friends. I went with 3 friends and we returned from the trip relaxed but also with the feeling of having had a very fun time. Highly recommended.

Rachel P.March 2017

Wonderful. Everything was very well organized. The boat was clean and very spacious. We had a fun and relaxing day.

Charles D.March 2017

The best of Gran Canaria. We went on the second-to-last day of our holiday and we loved the boat and the trip along the coast. Also, Raul and his crew were the perfect hosts and made sure we had a great time.

Ethan J.March 2017

A full day. It’s the perfect way to relax and have fun. 5 of the best hours you’ll spend in Gran Canaria.

Sarah G.T.February 2017

Excellent. The service, the boat and the route were exceptional. I will return the next time I’m in Gran Canaria.

Aaron L.February 2017

Best day of our holiday. The combination of relaxation, tranquillity, the sea and fun made my wife and I spend an unforgettable day on the Blue Spirit. Many thanks to Raul and his crew.

William D.February 2017

5 fantastic hours in Gran Canaria. The relaxing cruise along the coast and the fun aquatic activities at the stops made it seem like all 5 hours happened in a flash.

Adam W.M.February 2017

Unforgettable day. If you go to Gran Canaria, I think that you should book this tour and enjoy the boat trip and the water activities.

Georgia H.G.January 2017

Ideal to do with children. My husband and I went with my 2 kids, 11 and 8 years old. We loved the entire trip and the aquatic activities with childlike zeal.

Luke S.January 2017

Must do it again. The trip on the Blue Spirit is one of the best memories I have of my stay in Gran Canaria. The catamaran is lovely and the crew is busy making sure that you have a great time.

Abigail P.O.January 2017

Romantic. We were on our honeymoon in Las Palmas and the Blue Spirit trip was one of the most romantic moments. The boat, the sea, the peacefulness of sailing up the coast and the service of the crew made for an unforgettable experience, and we hope to do it again when we return someday to Gran Canaria.

Katie U.January 2017

A spectacular day out with friends. Every year I get together with 2 of my friends from Gran Canaria and we do something different on the island. We can say that the Blue Spirit tour is one of the activities that we have enjoyed the most and that we recommend. Many thanks to Raul for being such a good host.

Holly P.M.January 2017

Better than expected. The catamaran is nice and is very clean and spacious. The boat trip is quite relaxing, especially if you sun bathe at the front of the boat. The crew and the activities are absolutely wonderful.

Connor T.December 2016

Very good quality. The trip is absolutely fantastic, the catamaran is incredible, and the crew is very attentive. The only downside is that the drinks are white label and there isn’t quite enough food, but of course for this price nothing more could be asked.

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